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The Second Trailer of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is Finally Released!

The second trailer for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero has finally been released and features a number of featured scenes from this animated film produced by Toei Animation.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is a Japanese fantasy/adventure/martial arts animated film directed by Toei Animation and written by the creator of the Dragon Ball series, Akira Toriyama.

After releasing its first trailer in October 2022, Crunchyroll Collection has now released its newest trailer, which makes Dragon Ball fans even more enthusiastic in waiting for the release of this animated film.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Second Trailer, New Character Begins to Be Revealed

On Wednesday (11/5), Crunchyroll Collection officially released the second trailer for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero on a number of social media, including YouTube. According to the monitoring of the SPIN team, until this article was published, the trailer had been watched more than 460,825 times. Of course, that number will continue to soar over time.

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From the 1 minute 7 second trailer, we can confirm that the main enemy of Goku and his friends is the Red Ribbon Army, which had previously been destroyed in the past. Several new characters began to appear, including Carmine, Dr. Hedo and Magenta.

The three of them are believed to be the leaders of the super android project called Gamma 1 and Gamma 2, who claim to be superheroes. As a result, a fight between Gohan and Piccolo against the two of them was unavoidable.

The scene is also considered to be the trigger for the fight between Goku’s team against the Red Ribbon Army which is guaranteed to make the audience amazed. Oh yes, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero also features Pan, who is the daughter of Gohan.

Yûko Minaguchi will voice Pan’s character, while Hiroshi Kamiya and Mamoru Miyano will provide the voice for Gamma 1 and Gamma 2. Not to forget, Miyu Irino, Kensuke ta and Ryôta Takeuchi were lined up to voice the character Dr. Hedo, Magenta and Carmine.

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Take note, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero will air in Japan on June 11, 2022. For countries outside Japan, it seems that it will only be released in August 2022.