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The only Hero Marksman in Mobile Legends that can still be a jungler

Did you know that there is one marksman hero in Mobile Legends which according to SPIN Esports can still be played as a jungler.

Generally, in the current meta, marksman heroes are more frequent and suitable to be played as a goldlaner than a jungler or hyper.

But there is one marksman hero who can still be played as a jungler, even more effective at being hyper compared to playing in the gold laner position.

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Who is the hero and why is he more suitable to be played as a jungler? Check out the review of the SPIN Esports version.


Mobile legends strongest marksman hero

That hero is Granger, the marksman hero with the best mobility among all other marksman heroes. In addition, Granger also has high damage from each attack.

He is more effectively played as a jungler than you play in the gold laner position because the advantages are much more.

Granger jungler can carry the team from the early game even to the late game, much different from the Granger gold lane which can only carry in the late game.

The damage is less painful in the early game if you play as a goldlaner. It’s quite unfortunate, it’s much better for you to play as hyper.

Granger Elite

Where Granger hyper is able to compensate for the fast game of the current jungler meta heroes, both from mobility and damage.

That’s the marksman hero in Mobile Legends who is still suitable to be played as a jungler.

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