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The First 11 Mobile Legends Heroes Must Know Players

Mobile Legends First Hero – Mobile Legends is an online game with the MOBA genre made by Moonton which is available on the Android and iOS platforms already having more than 120 heroes in Mobile Legends. The interesting thing is who was the first hero released in 2022 by ML?

About this, of course, will answer the player’s curiosity about ML. The list of heroes in Mobile Legends has their own interesting abilities, starting from the roles of Marksman, Mage, Support, Tank, Fighter and Assassin.

Then who was the first hero released by Mobile Legends made by Moonton?

To eliminate the curiosity of Mobile Legends players, Ulingame will convey some information about the following list of heroes released by Mobile Legends.

Mobile Legends First Hero

Of the many heroes in the ML game, there are several heroes that were first released by ML. Now on this occasion Ulingame will share information about the first hero which is one of the favorites used to date. The following is a list of the oldest heroes in Mobile Legends.

1. Miya

Miya 2

The first hero that made ML one of the most popular online games was hero Miya. This game made by Moonton has made Miya the most noticed hero. From the first release until now, Miya is still the favorite Marksman of most players.

Because of its popularity, Moonton has provided a very exclusive Legend skin. Even though the current season is on the rise, namely Beatrix, Claude and Brody, Miya’s hero is still the first hero, there are still many users.

2. Balmond

Balmonds 1

The next first hero, Balmond, with a role as a Fighter, is one of the best offlaners to date and is often used by pro players when playing MPL season 8 competitions.

By having the ultimate skill that is capable of dealing great damage to kill enemies, turtles or steal lords with little HP. and the first skill can provide quite a lot of Lifesteal.

3. Nana

Nana 2

Nana is also included in the list of the first heroes in the list of the oldest heroes in the Mobile Legends game. By having a role as a Support Mage, Nana has a quite unique ability, namely being able to turn her opponent into a cat doll, of course this is a benefit to her opponent’s disadvantage.

4. Alice


The first very popular hero, then in ML, Alice is a Mage role hero who is often played during the MPL Season 8 competition.

With the skills possessed such as absorbing enemy HP quickly, besides that Alice can also provide stun and teleport effects, making Alice the strongest hero to date.

5. Saber

Saber 2

Saber also includes the list of the first or oldest heroes released by Moonton. With the abilities that Saber has, he can lock enemies easily. After Saber got a revamp from Mobile Legends, making this hero increase in demand drastically.

6. Tigeral

The First Tigeral Hero in Mobile Legends

Tigeral is a Tank hero role which is still the best choice hero and makes Tigeral the strongest hero in ML. With a large and tough posture like a knight.

Tigeral’s skills can’t be doubted either. Because the Tigeral hero can lock 5 opposing heroes at once and can protect the core well.

7. Zilong

Zilong 2 First Hero Mobile Legends

Zilong is a Fighter type hero using a spear weapon. Zilong is the first generation hero to appear in ML. With his extraordinary fighting ability, Zilong’s hero has been greatly feared since it was first released. Zilong is inspired by the character of a hero from mainland China, Zhao Yun.

8. Alucard

Alucard 2

The next first hero, Alucard, has the same name change as Zilong because there is something that turns it into Alucard, if the name is reversed it becomes Dracula.

9. Akai

Akai First Hero Mobile Legends

Akai is the oldest hero in Mobile Legends and got a rework by Moonton Mobile Legends. Until now, Akai’s appearance is more attractive than the previous character. Same thing with Tigeral, Akai is a Tanker role hero where this hero is a bone of contention in Ranked mode games.

10. Karina

Karina 1 First Hero Mobile Legends

Karina is the first hero that Moonton has released in ML. Karina is a Mage Assassin hero type and Assassin type heroes are known for great damage. Karina is often the mainstay of the first pick hero in ranked epic to mythic.

11. Franco

Franco 1 First Hero Mobile Legends

The last oldest hero, Franco, is the 11th row hero in Mobile Legends. Franco is a Tank role often used because it has the ability to attract enemies at close range.

The final word

Thus the discussion about the hero was first released in Mobile Legends from Ulingame. With the information above, hopefully it can help you answer the player’s curiosity about the oldest hero which is still popular.