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The Deadliest & Best PUBG Mobile UMP45 Attachment 2022

UMP45 PUBG Mobile Attachments – If you are looking for the deadliest weapon for close combat, you can try UMP45 in the PUBG Mobile game. Previously, the weapon was named UMP9 with the use of 9mm type bullets.

If you are a close combat player, UMP45 can certainly be the first and even best choice. Then what attachment combinations need to be added to the UMP45 PUBG Mobile weapon?

Broadly speaking, UMP45 is very effective to use and all categories of PUBG Mobile Attachments. However, in each category there are certain items that are most effective in combination in the UMP.

Following this, Ulingame has prepared four recommendations for the best UMP45 attachments to be a supporter for optimizing UMP45 shots. Read the description below to the end.

UMP45 PUBG Mobile Attachments


It’s similar to other melee rifles like AKM and SCAR-L, the weapon also requires additional support items in order to maximize the performance of the weapon. Well, here are some of the best attachments to combine with UMP45 weapons as follows.

1. Muzzle Suppressor

Smg Suppressor

For the Muzzle category, players need a Suppressor to equip UMP45 weapons. The Suppressor item is used to help muffle the sound of gunshots emitted from the UMP45 weapon. That way, the opponent will be confused about the source of the gunshot and Suppressor recommends it because the UMP recoil itself is quite low.

2. Half Grip

Half Grip Attachment UMP45 PUBG Mobile

Half Grip has a function to speed up recoil recovery when shooting using UMP45 weapons. But behind these advantages, Half Grip also improves shooting accuracy and overcomes bullets that target in any direction.

3. Magazines

Magazine SMG

This additional Magazine item is also very much needed by UMP45. Because UMP45 has helped all types of Attachment Magazines. The most important role of the Magazine attachment itself is also to add bullet capacity and increase reload speed.

4. Scope

Scope 5 Attachment UMP45 PUBG Mobile

The last attachment is to add a Scope, it’s just that not all Scopes are suitable for use on UMP45 weapons. Ulingame recommends using Scope Holo, Red Dot Sigt and Scope X2 for battles less than 100 meters. As for mid-range combat, you need Scope X3, Scope X4 and Scope X6 at UMP45.

UMP45 Stats

Ump45 Stats PUBG Mobile UMP45 Attachments

After understanding some of the best attachments that you need to complete on UMP45 PUBG Mobile, players should also know the statistics of UMP45 PUBG Mobile weapons. This information is about damage, type of ammunition, bullet capacity, category, bullet speed along with UMP45 reload duration which Ulingame has summarized below.

Ammunition Type9mm
Bullet Capacity30 – 40 Bullets
Reload Speed2.5 seconds
Bullet Speed60
Weapon CategorySubmanchine Gun

UMP45 has the nickname as the king of close combat because it has a high fire rate capability. Players will definitely win close combat if they use UMP45.

Tips for Using PUBG Mobile UMP45

Photo 2021 09 08 00 59 51

As the deadliest melee rifle, you also have to know some mandatory tips when using the UMP45 to make it more optimal. Check out some must-know tips below.

  1. Use UMP45 when doing close combat.
  2. Equip Scope X3 to X6 during mid-range combat.
  3. Added Half Grip Attachment to improve UMP45 accuracy.
  4. Use additional Magazine items on UMP45 to increase the capacity and speed of reloading bullets.
  5. Use UMP45 Auto or Auto farm mode.

The final word

That’s the discussion about the best UMP45 PUBG Mobile Attachment information. By adding several supporting items, Ulingame believes that the quality of UMP45 is maximized. Hopefully useful and good luck.