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The Best Miya Emblem to Get Savage ML 2022

The Sick Miya Emblem – Until now, Mobile Legends is still the most popular MOBA game in Southeast Asia to the World, especially in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Singapore. Mobile Legends brings 5 ​​vs 5 team battles that have presented fierce matches.

In the Mobile Legends game, you are allowed to choose the role you like. This of course needs to be considered, especially if you want to be a pro player. Pro players should be able to master all roles, be it Fighter, Tank, Assassin, Mage, Marksman and Support. Currently, Mobile Legends players prefer to use marksman-type heroes and look for the Pained Miya Emblem.

Choosing a Marksman type hero of course has a reason, this type of hero is believed to be due to his illness in the middle to the end of the fight. However, remember that you need to be careful when using Marksman-type heroes who are the target of your opponent to kill. One of the MM role heroes that is the target of players is the Tersakit Miya Emblem.

Miya is one of the heroes who is considered the strongest because it has the most damage. Even so, Miya also has a vulnerability to hero mages and tanks. If you are confused about which Emblem and item build is suitable for Miya, it is very appropriate because you have found this article. Check out the explanation below to find out the sick Miya emblem that you can use.

Miya Mobile Legends

Miya Mobile Legends Emblem Miya Hurts

For lovers of the Mobile Legends game, of course they know the most painful Marksman hero named Miya. This hero has been around for a long time since ML was released.

For the current season, Miya has become very popular because she has gotten the revamp skill that has been given by Moonton. The revamp given has an impact on how Miya uses herself, where Miya can immobilize without having to wait long if her HP is critical and her attack speed is very high because of her new passive skill.

The Sick Miya Emblem

The Best Miya Emblem The Sick Miya Emblem

You must use the sick Miya Emblem, namely the sick Custom Marksman Emblem.

The emblem added Bravery Level 3/3 Physical Attack +12.00, Doom Level 3/3 Critical Damage +13.50% and Weakness Finder Level 1/1 in 2 seconds Basic Attack has a 20% chance to reduce the target’s Movement Speed ​​by 90% and Attack Speed ​​​​by 50% in a short time.

Build Item Miya Hurts

One of the Marksman roles that has the most damage in Land of Down for now is Miya. Hero has been around since the release of Mobile Legends, has critical and hurt damage so that Miya dominates during the war.

Even so, but Miya still needs a combination of deadly items. Therefore, Ulingame will provide recommendations for building the sickest item below.

Recommended Battle Spell

Spell is an additional item in ML there are 12 different types of battle spells. You have to choose one of these spells to use on Miya’s hero.

Now Ulingame has 2 recommendations for you, namely Flicker and Inspare if placed in Goldlaner. Now, these types of battle spells have different advantages, to find out the advantages, please refer to the following reviews.

1. Flicker

Miya's Sick Emblem Flicker

Why does Ulingame suggest using the Flicker spell? because flicker can be used to move or teleport from one direction to another but with a range that is not too far away. Of course this spell helps Miya run away from the opponent’s pursuit and avoid ganking skills. This flicker has a cooldown of 120 seconds.

2. Inspire

Inspire Miya's Sick Emblem

The function and advantage of Inspire is that it has received a revamp, which is that it can increase 8 Basic Attacks in 5 seconds and add Attack Speed ​​up to 500% and each Basic Attack generates HP regen.

How to use Miya

How to use the Miya Emblem Miya Sick

Here, Ulingame has summarized in full the procedures and tricks for playing the following Miya’s sickest hero.

  1. At the beginning of the match, make sure you take skill 1 first so you can quickly clear the lane.
  2. Prioritize Upgrade Skills and Items first before doing war.
  3. Use skill 1 during war, Skill 2 to stun the enemy then Skill 3 is useful to avoid enemy attacks to escape.
  4. Use a deadly combo by pressing skill 2 then press Spell Inspire and skill one to attack, then Ultimate avoids attacks.

The final word

Thus the discussion about the sick Miya emblem and the selection of build items, battle spells and how to use the Ulingame version of Miya. Hopefully after reading the information above, your skills can increase and get better.