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Talent Shown in MPL ID Season 9, Here's RRQ Skylar's Response!

Talent Shown in MPL ID Season 9, Here’s RRQ Skylar’s Response!

One of the interesting things that happened in MPL ID Season 9 apart from the match was the appearance of the MPL ID Season match which was different and getting better.

But apart from a good display, there are other interesting things that are quite surprising to be shown from MPL ID Season 9.

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That’s right, it is the talent of each player that is shown in every match. Talent itself is part of the emblem that is provided by Mobile Legends to be customized according to the wishes of the player. There are several options that certainly affect the statistics of the hero in the match.

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Indeed, it was not from the start of the regular season, this was only seen when entering the MPL ID Season 9 playoffs.

RRQ Skylar Agree Talent Shown in MPL?

In this regard, recently Jonathan Liandi and Skylar expressed their opinion through the Empetalk podcast as follows.

“Do you agree or not that talent in MPL is shown?” Jo asked Skylar.

“No,” said Skylar.

“No, I’ve never been a player, that’s when I saw it, that’s the art, you know, from each team and each player, there must be brainstorming to learn from each other, how good is this talent? Well, you’ve thought about it this long and suddenly it was taken out, people will know that he’s wearing this, it’s really hard. So, that’s one thing that I don’t really agree with showing,” said Jo.

Skylar briefly replied that he did not agree with the appointment of talent, which he thought could be regarded as one of the keys to success.

Indeed, it was Jo who made more statements regarding this matter and Skylar confirmed it. Skylar also slightly stated that the public could be better after seeing the talent of the pro players.

Another concern is that other teams can of course read the strategy of the Indonesian MPL team.

What do you think about yourself? Do you agree that talent is shown during the match?

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