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Strict Action against Cheaters, PUBG Mobile Permanently Banned 400 Thousand Accounts!

Firm Action CheatersPUBG Mobile Banned Permanent 400K More Accounts!

  • In Ban Pan operation May 29 – May 5 2022, PUBG MOBILE permanently blocked more than 436,000 accounts and 6 thousand devices that were proven to use illegal programs or cheats.

PUBG MOBILE continue to be committed to creating a game ecosystem that is clean from illegal programs alias cheats. Launching from the official Instagram account PUBG MOBILEroutine operation Pan Tires has sentenced account blocking (banned) permanent to 436,590 accounts proven to use cheats on May 29 – May 5 2022.

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Bronze Rank Be the Biggest Contributor

Photo via PUBG Mobile

In addition to the permanent blocking of more than 436 thousand accounts, operations Pan Tires this time also lock 6,013 devices so that these devices can no longer be used by the perpetrators to repeat their fraud.

Here are the account details PUBG MOBILE those who are punished banned permanent during this period based on level Rank-his:

  • Bronze (33%) : 144,074 accounts
  • silver (18%) : 78,586 accounts
  • Gold (7%) : 30,561 accounts
  • Platinum (6%) : 26,195 accounts
  • Diamonds (8%) : 34,927 accounts
  • Crown (8%) : 34,927 accounts
  • Ace (19%) : 82,952 accounts
  • Conqueror (1%) : 4,365 accounts

On operation Pan Tires this time, rank lowest on system PUBG MOBILE rankings, Bronzebe a contributor cheater the most. A similar phenomenon also came from rank after Bronzethat is silver.

Not only at the level rank low, apparently cheater also had time to hang around rank the second highest is Ace. It seems, these players insist on getting on the list Conqueror but in the wrong way.

X-Ray Vision Cheats Most Blocked

Photo via PUBG Mobile

Here are the account details PUBG MOBILE those who are punished banned permanent during this period by type cheats-his:

  • Unreasonable speed/Speedhack (7%) : 30,561 accounts
  • Modify damage area/Mod Area (20%) : 87,318 accounts
  • Auto shot hack/Auto Aim (21%) : 91,683 accounts
  • X-Ray Visuals/X-Ray Vision (47%): 205,197 accounts
  • Others (5%) : 21,829 accounts

X-Ray visuals become cheats most rampant in this period, with more than 200,000 user accounts now blocked. Cheats no less ferocious, auto aim and area modalso eradicated on operation Pan Tires this time.

Promoting Ad Closure PUBG MOBILE cheats

Photo via PUBG Mobile

In order to prevent more players from being persuaded to use cheats, PUBG MOBILE also closed a number of ads cheats circulating in platform Facebook, YouTube, to Instagram.

Help protect the ecosystem PUBG MOBILE to keep it clean from cheater with report (report) they go straight through feature in-game or by contacting PUBG MOBILE customer service in You can also report ads cheats circulating on the internet through following link.

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