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Still sick! These are the 5 Best Assassin Heroes in Mobile Legends in Season 24

Still sick! These are the 5 Best Assassin Heroes in Mobile Legends in Season 24

Although currently META Tank is one of the most effective METAs in Mobile Legends, this does not make Assassin heroes less competitive to be used as junglers.

The reason is, Mobile Legends itself does have a variety of Assassins who certainly still have very deadly damage.

Therefore, here is a list of the best Mobile Legends assassin heroes in season 24 for now.

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After getting a buff some time ago, Fanny is now one of the heroes to really watch out for because she has endless energy.

Now he himself can freely attack and escape so easily that it will be a nightmare for heroes with low durability.


Ling Skin

After getting the adjustment, currently Ling has terrible damage but unfortunately the cooldown duration of the hero’s skill has increased.

In the right hands Ling is still an Assassin hero who is quite lethal as well as very difficult to beat.


Hero counter lancelot

Getting revamps and adjustments makes Lancelot now an Assassin hero who has terrible damage and is easy to play.

You yourself are now free to play puncture (skill 1) belonging to the hero which will make the hero’s mobility higher.


Hayabusa's New Skin

You can also still use Hayabusa if the three heroes above previously got banned when playing rank.

Hayabusa himself is a hero single target so that it will make it easier for you to kidnap heroes who are often left alone such as goldlaners and explaners.



Karina is still one of the prima donna Assassins this season because she has quite deadly damage even though she uses a build tank.

With this build, Karina herself becomes a very difficult hero to conquer as well as a scary scourge for opponents who will face her in the Land of Dawn.

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