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Still Ban Cecilion in Mobile Legends Rank? No, this is the reason!

Are you still using Cecilion when you play Mobile Legends rank? Don’t guys, better get another tire, this is the reason you should know.

Cecilion is one of the heroes that is often banned and contested by Mobile Legends players in the current game meta.

The reason is because Cecilion’s ability is very useful, he can clear minions quickly, deal massive damage directly to the back of the opponent and so on.

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But actually Cecilion is not as strong as imagined, you don’t need to bother with this hero for 2 reasons for the SPIN Esports version below.

Lots of Counters

Hero counter cecilion
Photo via Pinterest

The main reason is the large number of Cecilion counters, this is an important consideration when you want to use this hero or ban him.

Heroes like Lancelot, Lylia, Kagura, Yin, Helcurt, Selena to Natalia can counter Cecilion easily and effectively.

Long enough to collect the stack

Cecilion mobile legends
Photo via IG Otaart_chan (pinterest)

Just like other late game heroes who need a high stack to maximize their abilities, Cecilion has also experienced this.

Therefore this can be a weakness for Cecilion which if the stack is not full quickly he will lose badly to the opponent or even the opponent plays fast when facing this hero.

Those are some of the reasons you should consider when playing or fighting for Cecilion in the Mobile Legends rank.

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