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Spell Petrify is buffed in Mobile Legends (ML), So Meta?

Battle Spell is one of the additional skills provided in the Mobile Legends game. Spells such as escape, damage, until the stun effect can be the best choice for the hero you are using. In the Mobile legends game, not all spells can be said to be meta and strong to use in matches. But the use of spells is very influential in an in-game though. This time there is the latest update about Spell Petrify being buffed in Mobile Legends (ML), So Meta?

Petrify itself is a battle spell that has a function to give a petrify effect or stun for 0.8 seconds to the opponent. Not only that petrify itself also gives magic damage to opponents of 100 (15 times your hero level). Not all heroes have the same abilities and different uses. The difference can be from the build, the emblem and the spell used will definitely not be the same from one hero to another. There are many spells and these are the Types and Functions of Battle Spell Mobile Legends that you can learn.

In the past few updates, some battle spells did get adjustments, both Buff and Nerf, such as Inspire and Vengeace. Battle Spell Inspire and Vengeace had time to get buffs for both of them, but this actually made the two spells enough Over Power (OP) to be used in a game and finally got nerf in each of the battle spells.

This time we will provide information about the petrify battle spell buffed by Moonton. This spell is not as popular as other battle spells. Rarely is the hero suitable to use this battle spell. However, with the petrify battle spell buff in it, it allows the spell to become popular again.

Spell Petrify is buffed in Mobile Legends (ML), So Meta?

On patch notes 1.6.78 [Advance Server] Mobile legends this time Spell petrify gets a buff. Here’s a detailed explanation:

Battlefield Adjustment

Battle Spell

BUFF Petrify

Petrify can now interrupt certain skills (such as Claude Claude’s Blazing Duet Ultimate), similar to the Frozen effect.

Battle Spell Petrify gets a buff to interrupt certain skills which even stun skills can’t stop. There are some heroes who really can’t be stopped even if they are stunned. With this battle spell, you can stop these skills, so it can be said that this spell is one of the counters.

This battle spell has been tested with several heroes, for example:

Blazing duet – Claude

Mystic Gush – Gord

Meteor Shower – Change

The three skills have been tested even though they use the stun skill even though the skill will still be active but if you use the petrify battle spell then the skill can be canceled.

Petrify is indeed very suitable if used by heroes who have large Crowd Control (CC) so that they can stop enemy movements even better.

You can learn about Tips and tricks for Using Petrify Mobile Legends so you can understand how to use it. Especially by giving a buff to the Petrify spell so that you can master the use of this spell and win the match.