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Roamers or Tankers in Mobile Legends Must Hate Meeting This Mage Hero

Those of you who are roamer or tanker users in Mobile Legends will agree, if you hate it when you meet this one hero mage, who is he?

In the Mobile Legends game, there is the only hero mage that players hate the most who plays the role of tanker or roamer.

Whereas previously they didn’t hate the mage hero before being revamped, but after the hero was revamped it was very difficult for tanker players in Mobile Legends.

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Then who is the hero mage and what is the reason the roamers or tankers hate the hero?


Hero mage op mobile legends
Photo via ArtStation

That hero is Valir, a hero who has the power of the fire element. This hero has very high burst damage from his 1st skill and the skill has no cooldown if directed in the right direction.

Skill 1 is a very terrible specter for heroes who fight at close range as well as all tank heroes in Mobile Legends.

Of course, those of you who play tanks really hate meeting this valir hero, because apart from having skill 1 with high burst damage. Skill 2 Valir is also cc which can keep opponents away from him.

Hero mage op mobile legends

Not to mention the 3 Valir skill, how it works the same as purify, which can escape the effects of crowd control.

The point is Valir, the hero mage who is very afraid of roamer or tanker users in MLBB, do you agree?

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