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PUBG Sensitivity HP Vivo Y12 No Recoil 2022

Vivo Y12 HP PUBG Sensitivity – Each player has different sensitivity settings on PUBG Mobile on their respective Smartphones. It can’t be equalized, every player has the best way of setting up even on an Android Smartphone. Of course, every Smartphone has different settings, be it Oppo, Xiaomi, or Vivo.

So, are you reading this article looking for PUBG HP Vivo Y12 sensitivity? Then this article is the right choice. Maybe you are one of the new Mobile Legend game players who haven’t found the PUBG Sensitivity setting on your Vivo Y12 cellphone or other type of Vivo cellphone? If true, Ulingame has prepared a way to set the Vivo HP PUBG Sensitivity which we will share below.

In your PUBG Mobile game, the PUBG HP Vivo Y12 sensitivity setting can be adjusted according to your needs. If it doesn’t fit, the sensitivity setting can also be easily changed. Keep in mind, the type of cellphone you use also affects the recoil and graphics produced in the game. You are required to learn techniques to master recoil and aim.

Because of that, Ulingame is interested in sharing PUBG Sensitivity settings so that you can master the techniques mentioned earlier. If you have low HP space, don’t worry because there are low graphics features that help you not to experience severe lag. Especially for Vivo Y12 HP PUBG Sensitivity. Check out the following article.

Vivo Y12 HP Camera Sensitivity

Free Look Camera

Using the free look mode on the camera’s sensitivity section is very useful when the player changes the direction of the view in a situation that is not aiming or using a shot. The higher the sensitivity used, the faster the players will change or move the point of view.

Camera: 122%
1st person camera: 122%
3rd person camera: 122%

Vivo Y12 HP Camera Sensitivity

Camera Sensitivity 1

Similar to the camera sensitivity described above, this section is used to set the camera sensitivity and can adjust the speed of the direction of view when using a shot when not shooting. In this case, the higher the shot, the lower the sensitivity. To shoot accurately with a high scope, use less movement and aim in areas close to the enemy.

3rd Person No Scope: 120% 1st Person No Scope: 133%
TPP Aim: 100%FPP Aim: 100%
Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist: 60% 2x Scope: 50%
3x Scope: 27% 4x Scope, vss: 17%
6x Scope: 14% 8x Scope: 12%

Vivo Y12 HP ADS Sensitivity

HP Vivo Y12 PUBG Sensitivity Ads Sensitivity

This ADS sensitivity is quite important for you to set. Useful for controlling recoil when shooting. Adjusting the sensitivity of the ADS helps you to hit the target at close to medium range quickly.

3rd Person: 300%1st Person: 300%
TPP Aim: 144%FPP Aim: 150%
Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist: 300%2x : 300%
3x : 300%4x VSS: 265%
6x : 210%8x : 120%

Vivo Y12 Gyroscope Sensitivity

Gyroscope Sensitivity

This setting helps you in setting the HP movement into movement in playing games. If the gyroscope setting is changed, then you can change the direction of the shot and also be able to withstand recoil. However, not all VIVO cellphones have this Gyroscope feature.

3rd Person No Scope: 144%1st Person No Scope: 144%
TPP Aim: 40%FPP Aim: 40%
Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist: 114%2x : 75%
3x : 66%4x VSS: 55%
6x : 36%8x : 33%

Sensitivity of HP Vivo Y12 No Gyro

Now for Vivo Y12 device users who don’t use the Gyroscope, you need to change the ADS Sensitivity Settings. Because the ADS feature is very important, you don’t use Gyro. Immediately, you apply the HP Vivo Y12 No Gyro Sensitivity below.

PUBG Camera Sensitivity (Free Look)

No Gyro Camera
3rd Person No Scope: 100%
TPP Aim: 100%
Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist: 100%

PUBG Camera Sensitivity

No Gyro Camera Sensitivity PUBG HP Vivo Y12
3rd Person No Scope: 65%1st Person No Scope: 65%
TPP Aim: 10%FPP Aim: 10%
Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist: 35%2x : 35%
3x : 23%4x VSS: 17%
6x : 8%8x : 4%

PUBG ADS Sensitivity

No Gyro Ads Sensitivity PUBG HP Vivo Y12
3rd Person No Scope: 60%1st Person No Scope: 60%
TPP Aim: 10%FPP Aim: 10%
Red Dots, Holographic, Aim Assist: 35%2x : 25%
3x : 23%4x VSS: 17%
6x : 10%8x : 4%

Tips for Shooting No Recoil HP Vivo Y12

There are several things you should know, one example of which is shooting tips so that it doesn’t shake. Now on this occasion, Ulingame will share some tips that PUBG Mobile players need to know, the following tips are below.

  1. If when spraying or shooting is unstable, then you can use the shooting method using the index finger or right thumb to hold the recoil of the weapon to keep it stable.
  2. Using weapons with fairly low recoil such as AUG A3, M416 and DP28.
  3. Before shooting medium or long distances, do prone mode or crouch (squat) to reduce shot recoil.

The final word

That’s the discussion from Ulingame about the sensitivity of PUBG HP Vivo Y12. Hopefully the above article can help HP Vivo Y12 users get the best sensitivity settings from Ulingame above. May be useful.