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Not Popol, This Mobile Legends Strong Marksman Hero 90% Wins Lane

You have to know that this strong marksman hero in Mobile Legends is 90% winning lane, because of his terrible abilities.

Winning lane in Mobile Legends from early to late game is the biggest advantage when playing this one moba game.

This makes the mood to play up, more confident, the heroes we use become faster and so on. Now about that, there is one marksman hero in Mobile Legends who is 90% sure to win the lane from the opponent.

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Who is the hero and why is there only a 90% chance of him winning lane? Check out the review from SPIN Esports.


Melissa ML
source: Mobile Legends Fandom

That hero is Melissa, a marksman hero who can be said to be quite responsible in the early game. This hero has considerable damage plus his annoying skills.

Especially Melissa’s skill that can issue a witchcraft doll, where the doll can continue Melissa’s damage to the nearest enemy hero or minion.

The way it works is almost the same as Claude’s monkey, but Melissa’s doll is more flexible because it can be controlled and has a high attack speed according to her Melissa.

Now, thanks to the witchcraft doll, Melissa can easily zone the enemy from the start of the game so that her opponent’s lane will be frozen.

Tips for playing Melissa

Which makes his opponent fall into poverty. Not infrequently Melissa’s opponent will call for help to help deal with Melissa.

Even popol and kupa had a hard time facing Melissa in the same lane. That’s the strong marksman hero in Mobile Legends who 90% can win lane easily, 10% depends on your gameplay.

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