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Not Ling, this is the current MLBB Mythic Auto Win Rank Hero!

Not Ling, this is the current MLBB Mythic Auto Win Rank Hero!

Ling is indeed one of the strongest heroes right now because of the latest changes that make him sicker.

This RRQ jungler mainstay hero is indeed very strong in his role and can even be considered as one of the heroes that can be carried.

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But for the overall Mythic rank, it turns out that there are other heroes that can be said to be auto win. His winning percentage was slightly higher than Ling’s.

Hero Auto Win Rank Mythic

Hero Auto Win Mythic
source: Mobile Legends Rank

Based on data from Mobile Legends Rank on May 9, 2022, the hero is Masha, Masha has a 1% win rate compared to Ling. Indeed, Masha is not as popular as Ling, but with a large number of picks, namely 1.12%, she can generate 64.93% winrate, a very high number for a Mythic rank.

You could say that Masha’s pick does have a higher chance of winning than other heroes. Masha herself is so popular after the changes that make her more tanky but still damaging. This hero is also strong as an Explaner and is able to rotate quickly.

This hero can undergo two strats, namely pick-off or split push. If the situation is urgent, of course, split push is a strategy that should be taken into account.

That’s the highest rank auto win hero in Mobile Legends currently based on the latest MLBB data. Who is Masha’s current user?

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