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Mobile Legends Sued By Riot Games, BTK MobaZane Surprised!

Mobile Legends Sued By Riot Games, BTK MobaZane Surprised!

Some time ago, information circulated about Riot Games’ demands against Moonton for allegedly plagiarizing in Mobile Legends.

This suddenly made the two communities rowdy, considering that similar demands had also occurred in 2022.

In that year’s lawsuit, Riot Games, represented by Tencent, successfully won a trial in 2022 on charges of plagiarism.

In addition, the lawsuit filed by Riot Games also caused various reactions among gamers and pro players, one of which was Michael “MobaZane” Cosgun.

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BTK MobaZane Wonder

Photo via Instagram MobaZane

Through live on his YouTube channel, BTK MobaZane received many questions, one of which was regarding the demands made by Riot Games against Moonton over Mobile Legends.

In response to this, he himself was surprised and thought it was funny because this time Mobile Legends was sued for plagiarism against Wild Rift.

“Moonton is getting demands again from them for plagiarizing Wild Rift this time compared to League of Legends, even though the game comes after Mobile Legends,” MobaZane said.

In addition, he also believes that Mobile Legends will not be deleted because Mobile Legends has arrived earlier than Wild Rift.

“I don’t think (Mobile Legends) will be removed, seriously Riot will sue because of Wild Rift? It only came out at the end of last year, it’s really funny when you think about it at least the first lawsuit (in 2022) still makes sense, I don’t know if you remember it or not, a lot of you probably haven’t played it yet.” he added.

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