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Location, Type & Function of Mushrooms in Free Fire

Uses of Mushroom Free Fire – Recorded on the Google Play Store, currently the number of Free Fire users has reached more than 100 million users. Competing with PUBG Mobile games, the Battle Royale genre game is currently one of the games with the most users.

This article, Ulingame will share information for Free Fire players about what mushrooms are used for? Of course you must know that recently Garena, who is the developer of Free Fire, has created an event called Blood Revenge, this quiz event was held on 23-26 September 2022

In this article, Ulingame will discuss the use of mushrooms in the Free Fire game. In the real world, you know that mushroom is a plant that has 2 things, namely benefits and harm to the real world, the benefits of these mushrooms include being able to be medicinal ingredients and can also be used as food. disease.

Well, in this Free Fire game, mushrooms are used to add HP or lives which are very useful. But this HP has a maximum charging limit from the mushrooms themselves. In the following, Ulingame will explain in detail the uses, types and functions of the Free Fire mushroom below.

Uses of Mushroom Free Fire

Uses of Musroom

For new players, they usually don’t understand what items are in Free Fire, for example, the use of Mushroom or Mushroom items that you often find when playing Free Fire. Lately, there are lots of new players and really want to know the explanation of the use of mushrooms.

  1. Can increase the speed of movement speed or run
  2. Can add HP in Free Fire
  3. Can Add EP

Location of Spawn Mushroom

Free Fire Map Location

Free Fire players need to remember that level 4 mushrooms have an uncertain location and always move around. But what Ulingame will love is the location where level 4 mushrooms often appear on Free Fire.

  1. waterfront
  2. Peak
  3. Clock Tower
  4. Mill
  5. pochinok
  6. Mars Electric

Free Fire Mushroom Types & Functions

Mushrooms in Garena’s Free Fire have different colors. This is so that you can immediately see it. There are at least 3 types of mushrooms that can be consumed to restore HP and EP, including the following.

Uses of Red Mushroom

Orange Mushroom

Red mushrooms are the type that has the lowest ability compared to other mushrooms. This mushroom also consists of only one shoot. Although you can still use it because the red mushroom can add 50 HP and fill 50 EP when the HP bar is still full.

Uses of Yellow Mushroom

Yellow Mushroom

Furthermore, it is not difficult to find yellow mushrooms whose colors are very contrasting in the middle of the meadow. Yellow mushroom is equipped with two anatomical shoots. Meanwhile, when you consume, mushrooms will give 75 HP and 75 EP when the HP bar is full.

Uses of Musroom Orange (Orange)

Red Mushroom

The last type of mushroom is an orange mushroom that you can find when players are playing in Free Fire PC. Mushroom with 3 shoots has a color at first glance similar to red mushrooms. However, its ability is higher than other mushrooms. Can give 100 HP when consumed and 100 EP when the HP bar is full.

The final word

A few explanations about the usefulness of the Free Fire mushroom above, starting from the use, location, types of mushrooms and their functions. Hopefully this information can be useful for Free Fire players and don’t forget to follow Ulingame because there will be a lot of important information that is definitely useful about online games.