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List of PUBG Mobile Weapon Attachments & Their Functions

Complete List of PUBG Weapon Attachments – PUBG Mobile players are not only required to have stable or good shooting accuracy, but must also have a strategy, selection of weapons and additional accessories such as attachments or components.

Each weapon in PUBG Mobile has different characteristics. By adding attachments to the weapons you are using, you will get several advantages, including adding bullets, silence the gunshots, stabilize shots and so on.

Therefore, the use of attachments is very important for PUBG Mobile players so that they can get better opportunities to play to get more Chicken Dinner.

On this occasion Ulingame will share some information about the complete list of attachments in PUBG Mobile and their functions below.

Complete List of PUBG Weapon Attachments

In general, the PUBG Mobile game has a list of five types of attachments that can be added to the weapons you use. However, not all weapons are suitable for use with these attachments. Here, Ulingame has summarized the complete list of attachments in PUBG Mobile.

Muzzle List

Muzzle is an additional accessory that is placed on the muzzle of the weapon used. The Muzzle list consists of many types that players can find out below.

1. Compensator

Compensator 2

Attachment Compensator functions to reduce weapon recoil. If you like to use weapons with high recoil characteristics such as SCAR-L, AKM and others, the Compensator is perfect for use.

2. Suppressor


Suppressor is a PUBG Mobile component that is difficult to find because it has very useful functions. Suppressor can eliminate flash such as Flash Hider. Then it can withstand the sound of gunfire, thus making the enemy confused with your whereabouts.

3. Flash Hider

Flash Hider 2

Flash Hider has a very useful function, namely it can eliminate the sound when you shoot even though the sound will not be heard 100% by the enemy. In addition to eliminating sound, Flash Hider also reduces weapon recoil either vertically or horizontally.

4. Duckbill


This component can only be used for shotguns. Because it has a function to increase the horizontal impact on the bullet. So that the player’s shot will still hurt even though it doesn’t hit the enemy’s vital parts.

5. Chokes


Choke is useful for reducing the spread of bullets by 25%, so that the shot will be more accurate. This component is very suitable for use when using Shotguns because it has a very fast bullet speed.

List of Lower Rail

The Lower Rail attachment can be attached to the bottom of the weapon. Generally, Lower Rail attachments can be used to increase the stability of the weapons used. The following is a list of the types of lower rail attachments and their functions below.

1. Angled Foregrip

Angled Forgrip

The function of the Angled Foregrip is to reduce a horizontal recoil by up to 20%. The effect will be felt when the player uses the scope.

2. Half Grip

Half Grip 1

The Half Grip component functions to reduce shot recoil at the expense of rifle stability. It is suitable for use with Assault Rifle and Submuchine Gun types with high fire rates.

3. Light Grip

Light Grip

The Light Grip component is useful for reducing rifle recoil time, but will increase the recoil radius both horizontally and vertically. Players should not use this component when using weapons with high recoil.

4. Laser Sight

Laser Sight

The Laser Sight attachment serves to reduce the deviation of the bullet, so it is not suitable for use when fighting while running.

5. Thumb Grip

Thumb Grip

Thumb Grip is useful for reducing the vertical recoil of the rifle and increasing it. But it can cause horizontal recoil and the recoil recovery will increase.

6. Quiver For Crossbow


The function of the Quiver For Crossbow attachment is to increase the reload speed by 30%.

7. Vertical Grip

Vertical Grip 1 PUBG Weapon Attachment List

The function of the Vertical Grip attachment itself is to reduce vertical recoil by 15% and the effect of retreating by 20%. Vertical Grip is very suitable for use during long-range combat.

Upper Rail List

The Upper Rail attachment is located on top of the rifle. The following is a list of Upper Rail types and their functions below.

1. Red Dot Sight

Red Dot

The Red Dot Sight is the preferred scope compared to the Holographic Sight because of the frame so that the viewing area is wider when using the scope.

2. Holographic Sight


Holo is very effective when used in close combat, although the frame is quite damaging to the view.

3. X2 Scope

X2 Scope PUBG Weapon Attachment List

Scope X2 is very suitable for use in close combat within 100 to 200 meters.

4. X3 Scope


Scope X3 is a combination of Scope X2 and X4. In mid-range combat it is very effective to use.

5. X4 Scope

X4 PUBG Weapon Attachment List

Attachment X4 A shot that is often used by PUBG Mobile players because it is easy to find and can be reached by targets from long and medium distances.

6. X6 Scope


The X6 shot is the most preferred attachment in PUBG Mobile because it is effective during battles from 300 to 800 meters. Players can also reduce the view of the shot to X3. But this shot is quite hard to find.

7. X8 Scope


Shots of the X8 are also very hard to find and often pop out of the supply box. This scope is the target of sniper players because it is very useful for seeing long-distance opponents.

List of Magazines

Magazine is a cartridge case for the rifle that the player uses. Attachment magazine serves to increase the capacity of bullets and the speed of reloading or reloading bullets.

1. Extended Mag

Extended Mag PUBG Weapon Attachment List

The function of the Extended Mag attachment is to add 10 ammo capacity, making you spend more bullets at a time.

2. QuickDraw Mag


The function of QuickDraw Mag is to speed up the charging time of bullets by 30%, so it is very suitable when the battle is intense.

3. Extended QuickDraw Mag

Extended Quickdraw Ext PUBG Weapon Attachment List

Extended QuickDraw Mag is a combination of Extended Mag and QuickDraw Mag, so this attachment is a bone of contention for PUBG Mobile players.

List of Stocks

Stocks are used on the rear of the rifle and not all weapons can be paired with this stock attachment. The following is a list of attachment stocks as follows.

1. Bullet Loops

Bullet Loops PUBG Weapon Attachment List

The function of the Bullet Loops component is to increase weapon reload by 30%. Bullet Loops can only be used on four weapons, namely S1897, S686, Kar98K and Win94.

2. Cheek Pad

Cheek Ped

The check pad is used to reduce a vertical recoil by 20% and reduce its recovery time. The attachment cheek pad also increases the stability of the weapon. Attachments can only be used on DMR and Sniper Rifle weapons.

3. Stock For Micro Uzi

Stock Micro Uzi PUBG Weapon Attachment List

As the name suggests, this attachment can only be attached to a Micro Uzi rifle. The function of this attachment is to increase stability and accuracy.

4. Tactical Stock For M416 , Vector

Tactical Stock 1 PUBG Weapon Attachment List

Tactical Stock is an additional attachment for M416 PUBG Mobile and Vector. The function of the Tactical Stock itself is to reduce recoil and the movement of weapons when players shoot bullets.

The final word

That’s information about the complete list of PUBG Mobile Weapon Attachments that you can use when playing PUBG Mobile so that the Ulingame version of the shot is more maximal and feels painful. Hopefully the article above can help PUBG Mobile players to select components on the PUBG MOBILE BEST WEAPONS.