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Leaked Mystery Shop Free Fire (FF) Part 3 May 2022, Has It Ever Been?

Leaked Mystery Shop Free Fire (FF) Part 3 May 2022, Has It Ever Been?

The presence of the Mystery Shop Free Fire (FF) for the second time throughout May – May 2022 has ended and players have received a number of items in it some time ago.

Even though they have answered the players’ curiosity so far by attending twice in a row, the players were not satisfied until they got there.

Apparently, there are still many who hope that the most awaited event will be present until the third part, considering that in the previous year the Lebaran edition of Mystery Shop was present 3 times in a row. Apart from that, several Free Fire creators have discussed this information.

If you want to know more information about the Mystery Shop FF Part 3 Leak in May 2022, let’s look at the following article!

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Leaked Mystery Shop FF Part 3 May 2022

Recently, players have been confused by the many confusing information about the third part of the Mystery Shop edition of Lebaran.

Not without reason, considering the pattern from the previous year and some of the leaks given by Kulgar with other Free Fire YouTubers, it’s only natural for players to wait for the third part of the event.

According to a leak uploaded by YouTubers Free Fire, MazMazing, it was found that the display is in the form of Mystery Shop part 3 with offers of skins and items that are quite tempting.

The leak was stated by one of the leaked Free Fire Instagram accounts who said there would be a Mystery Shop on all Free Fire servers other than India.

However, the accuracy of the certainty of this information cannot be ascertained, considering that there have been no leaks from the official Garena side, coupled with the less convincing leaked bundles.

The reason is, one of the bundles for the female character in the Mystery Shop has been confirmed to be released in the Special Interface FFWS 2022 Sentosa, and can be obtained for free.

So, we can’t say for sure whether the third part of Mystery Shop will be present in this year’s Lebaran edition or if it has been postponed for some time to come.

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That’s the information about the third leaked Mystery Shop part that can’t be confirmed yet! Don’t forget to visit SPIN Website for other latest updates, and follow Instagram and Youtube we.