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Indonesian Team Underestimated, RRQ Xinn Gives Feedback!

Indonesian Team Underestimated, RRQ Xinn Gives Feedback!

Lately, there have been many rumors about one of the players from the Philippines, namely Z4pnu, taking lightly to Indonesian players.

This had an impact on many Indonesian players, one of which was RRQ Xinn.

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RRQ Xinn’s Response

RRQ Xinn Indonesian Team
source: YT Xinn

“(Bang Xinn, is it true that the PH amateur team can beat the Indonesian team?) No, guys, that’s if Z4pnu said the PH amateur team could beat the Indonesian team, it’s too late, guys, it’s too understated but how can Z4pnu really be like that,” said Xinn.

Xinn said that it was too late because it was said that even the amateur PH team could beat Indonesia.

Just like Mobazane a while ago, it was too much, especially if the amateur team usually lacked respect, in contrast to the professional team. You can slaughter when playing rank, but when the tournament is going on, your mentality is tested.

Not a few players like that, for example, in MDL where you could say it’s the second caste of Mobile Legends in Indonesia.

When in MDL some players look strong and good, but once they get to MPL, of course they get different pressure, if they are not strong, they certainly won’t be as good as when they were at MDL.

So, it really can’t be compared and it seems redundant if Z4pnu makes a statement like that. Although afterwards he also had time to clarify that it was just a misunderstanding.

Hopefully this kind of incident doesn’t happen again and the Mobile Legends scene can get back to normal as usual.

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