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Hwang Dong-hyuk Describes The Most Difficult Scene in Squid Game

Director Hwang Dong-hyuk revealed to the public what scene he thought was the most difficult to do when the process of making the Squid Game series was underway. What is the most difficult scene to make? Can anyone guess? Haha.

Squid Game is a Netflix original series that was booming at the end of 2022. The presence of this series has also made the number of Netflix users around the world soar dramatically, because many people are curious about the storyline of Hwang Dong-hyuk’s series.

In this series, there are many scenes that grab the attention of netizens. However, there is one scene that Hwang Dong-hyuk finds very interesting and the most difficult to do.

Hwang Dong-hyuk Leaks The Most Difficult Scene in Squid Game

While being interviewed with The Playlist, the director who was born on May 26, 1971 admitted that the glass bridge game scene is the most difficult scene in the Squid Game series. In addition, he also said that writing screenplays about those games was the most difficult thing to do as a scriptwriter.

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“I will say it personally, writing those games is the most difficult challenge as a writer,” said Hwang Dong-hyuk. Screen Rant.

“And the biggest challenge part of the game is definitely the glass bridge part,” he explained.

The Most Difficult Scene in Squid Game
Photo: The American Ceramic Society

The glass bridge itself is a game in the Squid Game, where players have to cross the glass bridge while guessing which glass is thick and able to support their weight. If he took a wrong step and stepped on the thin glass, his body would fall from a height and die instantly.

“That’s because it wasn’t a game that actually happened, I had to create all of them, and I had to create each element of the game in terms of who goes when,” said Hwang Dong-hyuk.

“The order of people crossing the bridge, why Gi-hun ended up being number 16, and how each character, from number one to 13, how they all died,” he continued.

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On the same occasion, he admitted that the process of revamping the Squid Game script was hell for him. As is known, the Squid Game script has been around since 2009, but Dong-hyuk had to revamp it for production needs.

“It was like hell. Maybe the second season will be my last series.”