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How to Use Garena Shell 2022 : Easy, Fast & Safe

How to Use Garena Shell – For fans of online games such as League of Legends, Arena of Valor and Free Fire, this must be the name of the game that is very well known today. The list as above is a product of Garena, one of which is a provider of digital entertainment content that has dominated Southeast Asia and Taiwan.

With all these phenomenal online games, Garena has become one of the most popular online game content platforms in Indonesia. You can have an exciting playing experience by buying Garena Shell. Garena Shell is an online currency or in-game cash applicable to purchase an item in a game.

Players can use their Garena Shell to make diamonds/golds usable for in-game transactions. various service products or ingame items such as weapons, characters, leveling up, accessories and many others. However, before purchasing Garena Shell, players must CREATE A GARENA ACCOUNT first.

Garena Shell can be easily purchased through the official Garena website. Voucher purchase transactions can be made directly via a smartphone or computer. Now this time Ulingame will share how to use Garena Shell easily, see the article below.

What is Garena Shell

What is Garena Shell

Garena Shell is an online currency or digital currency specifically used on the Garena platform and games under its guidance. Garena Shell can be used to buy various things, such as ingame items and other services that have been offered by Garena.

One thing you should know is that Garena Shell cannot be exchanged back into cash. If you get a bonus or buy it directly, you should use it all. This is not unusual, because most online games provide similar features.

Garena itself has provided many payment methods ranging from credit, vouchers, credit cards and many others. There are several choices of bundles that can be purchased, namely 200,500 to 1000 in one purchase. That way users can adjust the amount they need.

How to Buy Garena Shell

Various purchase transactions can be done without having to register or login first. Now that everything is available in a fairly easy way, here’s how to buy Garena Shell below.

  1. Find and select the Garena Shell you want to buy.
  2. Add to cart the Garena Shell you want to buy.
  3. Fill in the required information for top-up
  4. Pay for the product according to the selected payment method
    Choose Payment
  5. Wait until the order is finished processing
    Already Signed in Diamond
  6. If the order is complete, check the diamond again in the game
  7. If the purchased diamond is appropriate, click finish

How to Use Garena Shell

After buying Garena Shell as above, the next step is how to use Garena Shell to be exchanged for items or cash in the ingame below.

  1. Go to webpage:
  2. Login using the Garena account that will be used.
  3. Select the game you want to load using Garena Shell.
    How to use
  4. After that click the Shell Top Up image.
  5. Finally, determine the amount to be exchanged according to the amount and desire.
    How to Use 2

After doing the above method, the account you want should have been filled with items in the game according to the nominal amount that has been exchanged. If the transaction is successful then you can immediately use it.

Shell is the best choice if you play more than one Garena game so you can buy premium items easily compared to buying vouchers one by one from each Garena game.

Benefits of Using Garena Shell

Garena Shell is an interesting solution that Garena has presented for players who don’t have a credit card. so you can buy ingame items and others without any hassle.

The goal of purchasing items is to be able to win the game very easily. The game to survive and be the only winner is the main goal of all games. For that you need a strong character to fight enemies easily and the best weapons to attack enemy defenses.

Shell also makes it easier for you to play more than one Garena game. So you don’t need to buy a voucher. You can exchange Garena Shells for different games. Take advantage of all Garena Shell purchases and bonuses, because Garena Shell cannot be exchanged back into money.

The final word

That’s a short article on how to use the version of Garena Shell you need to know. If you are a fan of online games that have been managed by Garena, buying a Garena Shell voucher is a must. What are you waiting for? immediately enjoy the experience of playing online games now at Garena.