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How to Play Crypto Treasure 2022

How to Play Crypto Treasure – The recent development of crypto currency prices is very tempting for some professionals or beginners who are trying to find out how to fight for the coffers of crypto money.

Although crypto currency is rejected by the whole world. However, currently Bitcoin is one of the crypto currencies that has a rapid increase in terms of the selling price of the main crypto.

The news lately that several sites selling crypto currency, Bitcoin have been marketed at a price of 800 million rupiah and above and continue to increase every day.

There are several ways to get money, one of which is by taking advantage of playing the game crypto Treasure from year to year the value is increasing. Well this time Ulingame will give you several ways to play the following crypto Treasure.

The Purpose of Playing Crypto Treasure

The Purpose of Playing Crypto Treasure

Of course, the goal of playing Treasure is to fill free time and IPM coins as much as possible. If you play casually, you can too, but there are a few things you need to know that the process of collecting IPM coins can be fast.

In essence, you play the goal to collect XP, Gold and IPM coins. XP is useful for increasing the level to quickly get a level up, while for gold it is useful for buying chests.

How to Get IPM Coins Regularly

How to Get Pht Coins Regularly

Collecting Gold

You can get Gold when playing games in the Treasure application. The gold you get is only for buying Chest in the Shop, where when players buy chests, they will get XP, PHT and other coins.

Dig For Treasure

Dig For Treasure

The game in the Treasure game is quite simple, with just one press of the spade icon, you will get XP and Gold randomly (BTT, WINK, LVH, BTZC) every 8 or 24 hours depending on the player’s wishes.

The level will increase continuously if the player gets a lot of XP. Each level increase will get a bonus XP as well as IPM coins which increase in number as the level increases.

Gold will also increase which after that you can use it for shopping to buy a Chest Shop.

Tips Crypto :

If you choose the 24-hour Dig Treasure option, the prizes will be even more. But if you want to quickly get an open chest quest bonus, then choose the 8 hour option which is effective. Because in a day you can get 3x Dig Treasure bonuses which will speed up the quest bonus.

Spin The Wheel

Spin The Wheel

Every 20 hours in one day players can play Spin The Wheel. This twirling game is high enough to earn XP, Gold and IPM.

Tips Crypto :

To speed up the acquisition of IPM, it would be nice to prepare a 400 Gold balance in advance to fill in an existing 2x option so that players can get a double from Spin The Wheel. Fill in the number 40 so that as long as you spin the spin, players can get maximum results.

How to Play Rock Papers Scissors

Rock Papers Scissors Treasure

Playing this slimming-like game is a bit difficult to predict, but there are also quite a few additional Gold prizes. This type of game does not add XP or IPM.

Tips Crypto :

Nothing, just keep playing to collect wins so you can get the quest.

How to Play Flip A Coin Treasure

Flip A Coin Crypto Treasure

For players who are desperate to collect Gold, this game can be played while reading how to play this Crypto. How to play Flip A Coin, just click according to the command, if everything is fulfilled, you will get Gold and XP, there are different levels.

Tips Crypto :

For how to play Flip A Coin, there is no special way, however, when pressing the screen, don’t press too hard, it will damage the cellphone screen.

The final word

That’s a review of how to play crypto Treasure and tips for getting Bitcoin or crypto currency graits that you can try. That’s the discussion that Ulingame can share on this occasion, hopefully it can help readers.