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How to Join, Functions & Benefits PUBG Scrim

What is PUBG Scrim – For players, of course, you have often played the PlayerUnknown’s Battleground (PUBG) game, of course you have heard the term PUBG scrim. However, many players don’t know what scrim actually means.

The term PUBG scrim is not new in the PUBG Mobile game. Even other battle royale games also have a scrim system, for example Free Fire, Fornight and Call of Duty.

The functions, benefits and goals of participating in the PUBGM scrim are various, for example it can be for training, building strong chemistry between players or testing strength. Because gathering 100 players or 25 teams is quite difficult, there is one organizer to schedule the scrim time.

Although not all PUBGM players can easily follow scrim. There is a procedure for entering PUBGM scrim and conditions that you must fulfill if you want to join scrim. Then how to be able to follow the PUBG scrim? Check out the reviews below.

What is PUBG Scrim?

What is Scrim

Scrim PUBG is a practice match often called sparring, which will bring together PUBGM pro players in squad mode. Some squads take part in the PUBGM scrim, of course, to practice, set strategies and build chemistry between players on a team before participating in official competitions.

Even though it’s only for practice, the PUBG scrim is hard, intense and tense, of course, because the team has to find a way to win the match.

Well, as Ulingame said above, to take part in the scrim one must meet special requirements in order to participate in the PUBGM scrim. Just look at the conditions for joining the PUBG scrim below.

How to Join Scrim

Join Scrim

Tencent, the publisher of the PUBGM game, usually holds a scrim when welcoming a big competition. The organizers will list the teams and make a PUBG schedule.

After knowing what PUBG scrim is. To follow the PUBG scrim is very easy, players only need to know today’s PUBG scrim schedule as follows.

1. Follow Tencent games social media. Usually Tencent will announce the scrim schedule complete with a list of players. But for this method, usually Tencent has gathered the players first. Players who participate in scrim organized by Tencent are usually pro players or can be known as big teams.

2. Join the PUBG community, There are many PUBG communities spread on social media. You just have to choose which community you want to join. Usually there will be a lot of PUBGM scrim held by the community every day.

Benefits of Following Scrim

Various benefits can later be obtained by following scrim. In general, scrim is held free of charge at no charge. With that, make good use of the opportunity when participating in scrim.

Mental Boost

Mental Boost

In contrast to playing classic, where the opponents are random. When participating in scrim, it is possible to know the opponent before competing. The player’s mentality will be tested when he finds out that his opponent has a higher skill. In addition, the skills possessed by players will also increase when dealing with pro opponents.

Training Team Cohesiveness

Practicing Cohesiveness

Scrim is usually followed by a squad of 100 players. In a team, cooperation is very important. The opponents in scrim are teams too, not random players.

This of course can be useful for improving teamwork when playing. Later it can also add knowledge in the form of strategies that have been applied by the opponent.

PUBG Role Sharing

Role Sharing

Role distribution applied to the PUBG rusher, IGL (leader in game) team, second man and support. What is a rusher? the intruder where the player moves first to confirm the position and kill the enemy. What is a second man? served as a support for the rusher whose job it was to guard the rusher from enemy attacks.

What is IGL? stands for leader in game or a squad leader captain in PUBG. What is support? the task is more flexible with the position in the back. It can be said to be the second layer of rusher safety, to be a sniper or even a medic in charge of building team members who are paralyzed by the opponent.

The final word

So the explanation above about what the Ulingame version of the PUBG scrim is, it can be seen that the PUBG scrim is a training match for various PUBGM teams containing pro players. This scrim is very important as a preparation period before the start of the tournament.

PUBGM Scrim cannot be followed by all PUBG Mobile players, because you have to be a pro player and have a squad first. If you are able to participate in Scrim, then there is an opportunity to join the big teams.