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How to Headshot in Free Fire 2022: Tips Proven Effective

How to Headshot in Free Fire – Free Fire is a battle royale genre game that is currently being played in Indonesia. Sufficient specifications for potato phones and gameplay that is no less exciting than other FPS genre games are the keys to the success of Free Fire.

But Free Fire itself is not much different from other games in terms of features. Free Fire also has a setting that must be set first. For example setting control and sensitivity. One of the important things when playing Free Fire is to help get a headshot.

Just like playing like a pro player, the more headshots, the higher the chances of getting Booyah. Each player certainly has its own control settings, but actually there are standard settings that can be used as a benchmark.

The Free Fire game asks you to set the sensitivity level and the layout of the buttons yourself. If you feel it doesn’t match the default settings, then you can adjust it according to your own wishes. But you have to be careful when doing it because it is very influential when played.

How to Headshot in Free Fire

With a headshot in Free Fire, you can knock your opponent down quickly instead of shooting at the enemy’s body. But many players don’t understand how to set Free Fire settings so they can do headshots well.

How to Set Shot Sensitivity

The decision to do a headshot must shoot quickly and precisely when taking the shot. This is very much needed by rusher and support players so that they don’t lose their fast response to enemy reactions. In the following, Ulingame will provide recommendations on how to set Free Fire Auto Headshot.

Free Fire Sensitivity
  • Surrounding Camera : 50%
  • Red Dot Sight (RDS): 8%
  • Scope X2 : 7%
  • Scope X4 : 4%
  • AWM Scope : 2%

The settings above are a very important FF auto headshot method, because the sensitivity or basic settings must be done. You can set your own settings or you can also follow youtubers and pro players.

Use Easy Weapons Headshot


The second headshot method is to use a weapon that often deals headshot damage to the opponent. It’s a pretty good weapon, but you can control it. Headshot can also be said to play an important role for HOW TO QUICKLY UPGRADE FF and make KDA better.

Activate Auto Aim

Activate Auto Aim

In the Free Fire game, there is a feature that can make it easier for players to shoot enemies for easier headshots. The feature itself is called Auto Aim or shooting with an automatic aim where the direction of the player’s shot will be directed automatically at the opponent in a headshot.

How to Headshot Using Scope

How to Headshot

The next headshot method that players can do in order to give a headshot is to use a scope. Scope is an attachment that can be used to target enemies from a distance or up close.

Attachments can be used directly or often direct the shot from the weapon to the enemy’s head to get a headshot. Of course the damage that will be generated will be very large and painful, especially using AWM sniper weapons.

Make sure players have a good scope so they can play and can easily get headshots when playing Free Fire.

Tips for Maximizing Headshots

To maximize when using the Free Fire headshot method, there are some tips that Ulingame will share.

Use AR Weapons, compared to Submachine Guns, AR weapons have higher damage, when the headshot is greater then the damage is also large.

Don’t forget to add attachments like Muzzle, Silencer, Foregrip. Magazine and Scope are arguably the keys to success to get a headshot to the enemy.

HeadShot Easy Weapon Recommendations

  • Shotguns: M1014
  • Assault Rifle : Groza & Scar
  • Submachine Gun : P90 & MP40
  • Sniper : AWM

The final word

That’s the Free Fire headshot method and how to set the sensitivity that can be guaranteed to make your AIM headshot continuously. Do the above method until you really feel comfortable while playing. Each player must have a different level of sensitivity. Don’t forget to continue to visit, to get the latest information about online games.