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How to Get Free Mobile Legends Fragments 2022

How to get Mobile Legends Fragments – Mobile Legends is the most famous game with a very entertaining game for its users, this game made by Moonton has been worldwide. No wonder Mobile Legends has so many users. Because Moonton as an ML game developer often shares various skins and heroes for free.

In order to get a permanent hero or skin, of course the players need to buy it through the Shop which requires you to pay using Battle Points or Diamonds. However, there is another way to get a Hero or Skin, namely by exchanging Fragments. There are several ways to get Mobile Legends Fragments that you should know.

For fans of the Mobile Legends game who don’t want to spend money to top up diamonds. But want to have the skin or hero. You can use Fragments to buy a hero. How to get Mobile Legends Fragments is very easy.

Therefore, so that you can get lots of skins or heroes, Ulingame will share several ways to get Mobile Legends Fragments quickly.

What is Mobile Legends Fragment

What is a Fragment

As Ulingame explained earlier, Fragments are tickets to be exchanged for skins and heroes in Mobile Legends for free. Mobile Legends Fragments consist of 3 types, namely Premium Skin Fragments, Hero Fragments and Rare Skin Fragments.

Fragment Function

Of the 3 Fragments have different functions. So this time, Ulingame will share some information about the function of each type of Fragment and how to get Fragment Mobile Legends below.

Premium Skin Fragments

If you have 250 Fragment Premium tickets, then you can get skins which will later be exchanged at the Premium Skin Fragment Shop. For example, if you exchange your Alucard Season 2 skin, you need 250 Premium Fragment tickets.

As a result, Premium Fragments function to buy Skins.

Rare Skin Fragments

Players can get rare or non-existent skins in the Shop by exchanging Rare Skin Fragments. If you have 200 Rare tickets, you can get a Rare skin, namely Skin Starlight.

This ticket serves to be exchanged for a Rare Skin (exclusive).

Hero Fragments

With Fragment Hero, players can buy various heroes in the Fragment shop if you have reached 120 Fragment Hero tickets. The heroes on offer are also quite a lot.

How to get Mobile Legends Fragments

On this occasion, Ulingame will summarize various ways to quickly generate Mobile Legends fragments. For those of you who are impatient and want to know how to get it, just take a look at the full article below.

1. Free Medal Chest

Login Chest 4 Hours

The first way to get Fragments is to take advantage of the free medal chests that Moonton has provided in the game every 4 hours. The free medal chest contains various items and one of them is the Premium Fragment.

That way, you can collect Premium Fragments quickly.

2. 7 Days daily login

7 Days Daily Login

The next way is daily login for 7 days. Every week, the daily login will be reset and one of them has Fragments that you can get for free. By logging in Mobile Legends regularly, you can produce 2 Premium Fragments for free every week.

3. Starlight Mission

Starlight Mission How to Get Mobile Legends Fragments

If you have completed the Starlight mission, it will give you points to increase your starlight level. Now for every level increase, players will get various items that you can get for free, one of which is Fragment Hero & Premium.

Starlight Magic

In the first prize if you complete the Starlight mission you will get a Starlight Magic Fragment. You can use these items to be exchanged for Rare Fragments or Fragment heroes. Every 10 Starlight Magic Fragments will produce 1 Rare or Hero ticket according to the player’s wishes.

5. Spin Lucky Spin

Lucky draw

By spinning the Lucky Spin, players can get Premium Fragments. For how to play Lucky Spin you must have tickets worth 20 for one spin. Later, if you are hockey in one round of Lucky Skin, you can get Fragments, heroes or skins. This is the easiest way to get Fragment tickets quickly.

6. Activity Chest

Subsequent daily missions will provide activity points that players can use to open reward chests. Every day players can get 200 activity points. On 4 days players can open gift chests containing Hero Fragments for a score of 400 for 3 tickets and premium Fragments with a score of 800 for 3 tickets.

7. Newest Skin Event Prize

New Hero Prizes How to Get Mobile Legends Fragments

Moonton every week often holds events that really attract the attention of fans of the Mobile Legends game, one of which is a new skin or hero event.

Later the players are asked to complete missions such as playing with friends in rank / classic / magic chese and share them on social media accounts. By doing this, players can get these 3 types of Fragments.

8. Draw Magic Wheel

Magic Wheel

By spinning the Magic Wheel, players can get fragments with a nominal value of 10 tickets. However, players must have diamonds in order to spin the Magic Wheel.

9. Bundle

Bundle How to Get Mobile Legends Fragments

The way to get the next Mobile Legends fragment is from the monthly or weekly bundle. Players can buy this in the ML shop. But you need to remember, that the bundle is quite expensive.

10. Returning Player

Returning Player

By using the returning player method, you can get various items, one of which is Fragment. You can get a lot of fragments if you haven’t played Mobile Legends for a long time and come back to play again.

11. New Product Event

Latest Product How to Get Mobile Legends Fragments

The last way to get quite a lot of Fragments is to play in the new Product event. Unfortunately, to play the event requires quite a lot of diamonds or Crystals of Aurora. So the players need to top up.

The final word

That’s the information that Ulingame can share about how to get Mobile Legends Fragments quickly along with explanations and functions of the 3 types of Fragments in Mobile Legends. Hopefully the above summary can help you find out more about how to get ML fragments.

So the discussion from Ulingame on this occasion can be useful and see you in the next article about online and offline games.