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How to Download & Overcome Config Sausage Man Lag

Config Sausage Man No Lag – The habit of Indonesians is to try everything that is going viral, including in the world of online games. The game that is currently viral is Game Sausage Man. This game is already familiar to everyone because of the unique and exciting way of playing.

This sausage game is apparently similar to the PUBG game in terms of appearance and how to play. And, like other games in the Sausage Man game, you can also add and change the config.

As you know, the purpose of changing the config in Sausage Man is to make playing activities more comfortable and anti-lag. Adding or changing this config must also be adjusted to the type of smartphone you are using.

Well, in this article, Ulingame will provide the latest Sausage Man game config formula which of course will also suit minimalist smartphones. Here’s the explanation.

What is Config No Lag?

What is Config

Config Sausage Man is a configuration file that has been modified and provides several benefits such as changing graphics and game resources so that they don’t experience lag when playing.

In addition, this configuration file also plays an important role in reducing weapon recoil when shooting opponents. That way players can focus on defeating their enemies with a more comfortable game.

Config in the game Sausage Man is considered one of the most popular game cheats and is safe from actions such as suspension.

Although it does not guarantee a hundred percent safe to use, at least the risk is not as big as you use the APK modified version of Sausage Man.

For those of you who want to use this no lag Config in the Sausage Man game, see how to download it below.

Download Config Sausage Man HP Potato

This Sausage Man config can overcome lag for cellphones with 1GB and 2GB RAM. Immediately download and then install the config so that it runs smoothly when playing with low-spec HP. There are two configs that Ulingame will provide.

The first config can be used to overcome the Sauasge Man lag on HP RAM 1 or 2GB

For the second config, especially for HP RAM 1GB

How to Install Sausage Man Config

How to install the config in the game Sausage Man is not too difficult. Here are the steps to install Sausage Man config.

  1. Extract the config file in the form of RAR, then copy the file.
  2. Open the internal storage on your Android, then go to the data folder and click com.GlobalSoFunny.Sausage>files>Txt.
  3. Press the “okay” button when a notification overwrites the file appears to replace the original config with the latest one.
  4. The config has been installed, open your Sausage Man game to see the changes.

Risks of Using Config

The risk of using the Sausage Man config can get your Sausage Man account banned. Because config is an illegal file and is included in the violation.

In addition to the account that will be banned, you may also receive other dangers, namely the banned device or smartphone that you are using. This is the toughest punishment for cheaters who use third-party applications to commit fraud.

How to Overcome Lag

To avoid getting banned accounts or devices in the Sausage Man game, Ulingame will share several ways to overcome lag when playing the following.

1. Network Connection Must Be Smooth

Smooth Connection Network

The first way to overcome lag when playing Sausage Man is to use a data package or a smooth connection such as using a 4G LTE network or wifi. For Sausage Man players, they must also pay attention to the network ping data located on the bottom left, which must be at 100 and below in order to guarantee a smooth connection.

2. Clearing Cache Files

Clear Cache

Make the second way, namely by clearing the Cache file on your smartphone or the Sausage Man application. To clear cache or trash is quite easy as below.

  1. Enter the Settings menu on the cellphone
  2. Then go to About Phone
  3. After that select Storage
  4. Click Data in Cache or trash
  5. Then press OK to clear all cached data.

Lowering Graphics

The next way to overcome the lag is to change the graphics settings. You can change the graphic settings as below.

  1. Open the Sausage Man APP
  2. After that open the options menu in the upper right corner of the screen
  3. Then select Settings
  4. Next press the Screen menu
  5. In the frame settings you can change it to Low

This is very effective for overcoming lag, making battery wasteful and others.

The final word

So many discussions regarding the Sausage Man no lag config along with what config is, download, install, risks and how to overcome lag that Ulingame can share. This configuration certainly violates the rules of the Sausage Man game, but it can be used to make it easier for you when playing Sausage Man.