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How to Download & Install Android, iOS

Among Us Mod APK Impostor – In 2022, which is still affected by this pandemic disaster, it will certainly make everyone bored with their activities. Fortunately, now there are many games on smartphones that you can play when you are bored. One of them is the game Among Us.

The game that is currently viral on all social media such as Instagram, YouTube and others is the Among Us game. Many people from all walks of life have shared their stories while playing the Among Us game.

The way to play or the rules in the Among Us game is to disguise yourself and accuse or guess who the impostor is. The thing that makes this game fun to play is, of course, when you get the role of an impostor. However, you can’t choose because it’s the rules of the game.

One way so that you can play as the next impostor is to use the Among Us Apk Mod. In this article, Ulingame will discuss the Among Us Game Mod Apk and how to download it. Listen to the end.

Among Us Mod Apk Review

Mod Apk Among Us

One of the special things about the Among Us Mod Apk is that it has many cool and complete features. Previously, for those of you who don’t know the Among Us game mod apk, this game has been modified with the addition of special features by third parties.

Some of the features of the Among Us Mod Apk include being able to unlock all skins, free pets, and cheats to become importers like players want. players must know, this mod apk cannot be obtained on the google play store. So, players have to download the application manually.
Features can be found in the Among Us Mod Apk version 2022

1. Among Us Always Impostor

The first feature can make players interested in downloading. Always being an impostor during the game, of course, we all want a lot. Enable cheat emong us always impostor. The trick, before starting the match, make sure you become the room master or the room maker.

2. Unlock All Skins & +Pet

If the player has activated the Among Us mod apk via the mod menu before the player starts the game, you will get free clothes, pets and skins.

3. No Ads

Of course, players will be disturbed while playing Among Us then ads will appear. Well, one of the advantages of this Mod Apk is that ads will not appear when you play games.

4. Radar Impostor & Crewmate

The next feature of this Mod Apk is that players can find out which players are impostors and which players are crewmates.

5. Unlimited Money & Gems

Almost all games that exist must use money as a medium of exchange. Like in Among Us, the money here is used to buy clothes, hats, pets, etc. Well, in this Mod Apk you will get unlimited money to use.

6. Random Skin, Pet & Hat

You can change skins randomly, either Hat or Pet freely. You can also change the character’s movement speed without following the rules made by the room.

7. No Kill Cooldown

When you become an impostor and play using this Mod Apk, you can kill crewmates without waiting for the time limit to do the next kill.

8. End Vote

Fortunately, this feature allows you to end the vote during the meeting.

9. Other Cheats.

There are still many features of the Among Us Mod Apk game that you can use. Download to see more features in the game.

Among Us Mod Apk Impostor 1

It is undeniable that almost all online game applications come with different cheats. Makes every game uninteresting. However, that’s how the development of the game that inevitably has to be played.

Because Among Us is still relatively new in its mobile version, if you want to play Among Us it would be nice to first read the Android specifications when installing Among Us. This is to avoid whether or not the application is supported on the device you are using.

The following is information about the Among Us application, which was released on November 24, 2022 and has a size of 64.1 MB and Modder Axey PMT.

Game NameAmong Us Mod APK
New versionv9.9
App Size64.10MB
File TypeCheat Impstor & Unlock All Skin
OSAndroid 4.4 Up
Free PriceFree
DeveloperInnersolth LLC

Download the Among Us APK mod application on the link that Ulingame has provided here.

How to Install Among Us Mod APK Android & iOS

Install Android

Because what Ulingame is sharing is an Apk mod, players must install it manually. To install Among Us Mod Apk, this is the same as Mod Apk in general, here’s how.

  1. Go to settings menu > security > enable unknown sources.
  2. Open the downloaded file.
  3. After that install the game Among Us Mod Apk Impostor.
  4. If there is a notification asking for permission, press allow.
  5. Done, the player has successfully installed and the Among Us Mod Apk game can be played.

How to Install Among Us Mod Apk PC & Laptop

Among Us Pc
  1. The first step for players is to download the PC Apk mod using IDM so that the download process is fast.
  2. After that install to completion.
  3. Then open the Among Us application.
  4. Done, the Among Us Mod Apk Impostor can now be played on a PC or Laptop.

The final word

That’s the information that Ulingame can share about Among Us Mod APK Impostor in 2022 starting from, Unlock all Skins, Radar Impostor, Unlimited Pets and others. Hopefully with the Mod Apk file above it can make it easier for players to win the game.