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How to change name in PUBG Without ID Card

How to change name in PUBG Without ID Card – Online games have indeed become one of the games that are in great demand by many people, especially for now there are many types of online games that already exist. Even some of the favorite games have been played by millions of users and one of them is PUBG (PlaterUnknows Battelgrounds).

For this one PUBG Mobile game, it is indeed very easy to play, where players must survive until the end of the battle in order to win the game.

Changing the name in PUBG is actually very easy. There are not too many conditions that must be met. Players also don’t need much time to rename PUBG.

Well, for those of you who like to play PUBG and are bored with the name used at the beginning of the game, this time Ulingame will explain how to change the PUBG name without an ID card, here’s how you should see.

How to Change Name in PUBG Without ID Card

Changing Name In Pubg Without Id Card

You need to know how to change the name in PUBG without an ID card, it is not possible to change the name without using an ID card. Because in PUBG Mobile in order to change the name or nickname, players have to change the name item first. If you don’t have it, then you can’t change the PUBG name.

Since you can’t change your name in PUBG without an ID card, this time Ulingame will share an easy way to get an ID card for free, just read the article below to the end.

How to Get a PUBG Name ID Card

ID card or ID card does have 2 versions, namely free and paid, its function is the same as changing the name of online games in general.

What you should know is that a free ID card can only be obtained once if there is an event or mission. If you have received an ID card before, you will no longer be able to get it for free and have to buy it.

Complete Mission

Complete Mission

Actually, Tencent has given many mission prizes that you must complete to get various prizes. But many players are lazy to complete missions and focus on playing the main game.

While the prizes given are very useful, one of which is an ID card that you can use to change your name for free. Then what missions are rewarded with ID cards? One example is as below.

The first way to get PUBG ID cards for free is to complete missions from level 1 to level 10. This method may be more useful for new players than veteran players.

After completing the mission to level 10, you can see the rename card icon open and get it for free. Open the inventory and use it to rename the character with your own style. For players who are still confused about what name to choose, Ulingame has made a previous article COOL PUBG MOBILE NAME which you can try and use.

Create New Account

Create New Account

For the first time you enter PUBG Mobile, you will receive a free business ID card as a gift from Tencent. You can check the inventory to find the ID card and use it to change the name in the PUBG Mobile game. But the prize will only be given once, if you intend to log out of the game and log in again to get the item, it’s just a waste of time.

Reply Gift

Pick-up prizes have been added since PUBG Mobile in 2022. The goal is to encourage players to return to playing PUBG Mobile after not playing it for a long time.

To use this trick, you must first log out of your PUBG account and not play it for 2 weeks or 15 days. After you log back in, there will be a return user mission offer. Players need 5 days to complete all missions. It’s easy enough for players who have played the game before. A free ID card will be given to you when you reach 400 activation points.

Use Weekly Crew Coins

Using Weekly Crew Coins

The next method to get a PUBG ID card is to get it at the crew shop. Name card ID can be redeemed with 200 coins crew. You can login every Monday to collect 30 coins or join the daily crew challenge.

If you have used both the advancement missions as well as the retrieval reward method, this method might be very useful to use. Crew Challenge is an in-game challenge mode where players form a crew of 6 and participate in matches with other crew members. 30+ coins can be collected after each match. This way you can have unlimited rename cards as long as you collect enough crew coins.

Terms of how to change name in PUBG

Requirements to Change Name

How to change the name of PUBG can be done using many modes, Ulingame has summarized several ways and stages that are very easy to try.

But before going to the topic of discussion, there are several conditions that must be met in order to change the name in PUBG. The conditions for replacing in PUBG are below.

  1. Have a smooth internet connection to play PUBG.
  2. Must have downloaded PUBG and have an account
  3. Must have a minimum UC of 200 UC.

How to Change PUBG Name

After you have met the requirements, next is how to change the name in PUBG. Check out the steps below.

PUBG Mobile Login

Pubg Account Login How to change the name in PUBG Without ID Card

First of all, the way to change the name of course you have to log in using the PUBG account that you have.

Open PUBG Inventory

Open Inventory How to change name in PUBG Without ID Card

Then go into the inventory menu. The inventory menu is on the PUBG lobby page at the bottom right of the screen.

Select Item ID Card

Choose ID Card

After opening the inventory, go to the very bottom, which is the treasure menu. In the menu the player will find a name change card. Click item card and select use after that a new box will appear.

Enter PUBG New Name

Enter a New Name How to change the name in PUBG Without ID Card

After that enter a new name in the rename pop up. Input the name as you like, the most important thing is that the name has not been used by other users, then Next if you have clicked OK.

Successfully Renamed PUBG

Successfully Renaming How to change the name in PUBG Without an ID Card

If a notification appears reminding you to change the name, confirm it by pressing the OK button. If you have, first relog your PUBG account and then your nickname that has been changed has been successful.

The final word

That’s the discussion about how to change the name in PUBG without an ID card. Players only follow the methods that has provided above. Hopefully this article is useful and there are many more ways about playing online games that Ulingame has provided before.