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Here's How to Spin the Rare Tidebreaker Surge FF Bundle at the Dice Gaming Event!

Here’s How to Spin the Rare Tidebreaker Surge FF Bundle at the Dice Gaming Event!

For a Free Fire (FF) fanatic player, playing without using a skin is something that is quite embarrassing. The reason is, to get a skin is not a difficult thing.

So, if you don’t use skins, chances are other players will think you are a new player who doesn’t understand anything.

One of the most mandatory skins to use is a bundle, where players can get this item for free at various events. If you want to get something more special, you usually need a diamond to get it.

You can get unique, rare, and special bundles at various spin events that are regularly present on Free Fire. One of them is at the Gaming Dice event which will soon be present.

Gaming Dice will bring a rare bundle of Tidebreaker Surge FF. Here’s what to do to join the event!

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Bundle Tidebreaker Surge FF

Dice FF May 2022 Gaming Event
Source: YouTube Kulgar

Tidebreaker Surge is one of the skins that comes with an ocean theme, seen by the dominance of the blue color on the bundle and the motifs of one of the fiercest fish in the vast ocean, namely the Shark.

Its unique appearance can classify this bundle as one of the rare bundles in Free Fire. Obviously, other players might immediately recognize this bundle if you use it in the game.

The Tidebreaker Surge Bundle can be obtained through the Dice Gaming event which will be coming to Free Fire from 12 to 25 May.

The following are the conditions that you must do when participating or spinning at the Gaming Dice event:

  • Spin the dice to get redeem coins that can be exchanged for various attractive prizes, including the Tidebreaker Surge bundle and various other attractive prizes
  • Spin the dice 1x with 19 diamonds or roll the dice 5x with 79 diamonds
  • You get a total of 3x chances to get discounts that can be used for single and multiple spins
  • You can exchange coins at the redeem shop and the coins that have been exchanged will be forfeited
  • Redeem coins can only be used in this event
  • The prizes you win will go directly to the vault/collection/weapons

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That’s how to get a rare bundle in the latest spin event on Free Fire. Don’t forget to visit SPIN Website for other latest updates, and follow Instagram and Youtube we.