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Genshin Impact Mod APK Unlock All Characters

Genshin Impact Mod APK Unlock All Characters – Genshin Impact Mod APK Unlock All Characters is a game that provides an extraordinary plot for its players. And has achieved more than one million users download from the official Google Playstore link.

Genshin Impact has been created by miYoHo Limited with a play style that is no less interesting than other similar games. In addition, there are various cool characters that you can use while using the Mod Apk Unlock All Characters for free.

Genshin can be played via PS 4, PS 5, PC, iOS and Windows, complete that non-players can play on various devices, the main plot of the story of Genshin Impact is a child who has been chosen as a god on earth.

For players who can’t wait to try the latest Genshin Impact Mod Apk Unlock All Characters so they can enjoy various interesting features for free below.

What is Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is the best online game from miHoYo Limited with the genre of Action RPG Open World of moderate violence and has exciting gameplay. Genshin Impact has a content rating of 12+ and boasts more than 1 million users on Google Playstore.

The background story of the game Genshin Impact is about the people chosen by the guardian god Archon to maintain the balance of the human world. The role of the player is as a traveler to visit Teyvat with a brother, but the brother will disappear suddenly. Definitely, your mission should be to look for it to find.

You can explore all the worlds and do activities such as climbing, swimming, fishing and flying into the sky. Well, you have to practice to get better at playing characters with higher classes.

Genshin Mod Apk Features Unlock All Characters

Because the Genshin Impact Apk has been modified, of course it has various advantages, here is the full summary that Ulingame will convey below.

1. Different Characters & Weapons

Different Weapon Characters

In the Genshin Impact Mod Apk game, players will be presented with several choices of characters that can be used. There are 30 kinds of characters in the Genshin Mod Apk, which of course you can easily have if you use the Mod Apk.

In addition to the characters in the game, Genshin Impact Mod has different abilities. This will allow players to adjust their use if they face different opponents as long as you use the Mod.

To complete the character you use when playing Genshin, your character can choose various weapons that have been prepared in the game. You only determine which weapon is suitable for use with the character.

2. Better Graphics

Better Free

Genshin Impact Mod Unlock All Characters is not just to relieve boredom. More than that, the publisher of Genshin Mod Unlock All Characters has made various interesting components that users can take advantage of.

This has blocked the Genshin Mod Apk game section including the graphics that are made very cool. Players will enjoy every image in the game like a very realistic anime.

3. Game Mode

Game Mode

When playing Genshin Imoact players can open multiplayer mode if you have reached rank 16 in this mode players can play with relatives.

4. Have Various Worlds

Have a Variety of Worlds

When players travel, you will find several different worlds from the original version, including mysterious forests, forts and many others.

Advantages of Using Mod APK Unlock All Characters

Advantages of Using Mod Apk Unlock All Characters

The features above are the main features of the Genshin Impact game, because Genshin has been modified to Unlock All Characters by a third party, providing various advantages, including the following.

  1. Primogems and coins are unlimited.
  2. Gacha Rolls are unlimited.
  3. Unlock all animated characters & weapons.
  4. Unlock all skills.
  5. Automatic updates.
  6. Easy to install and no need to root on the cellphone used.

Download Genshin Impact Mod APK Unlock All Characters

Apk Mod NameDownload Link
Genshin Impact Mod APK Unlock All CharactersDownload
Genshin Impact Mod APK Unlock All Prime GemsDownload
Genshin Impact Mod APK Unlimited MoneyDownload

The final word

So, that’s the discussion that Ulingame has shared on this occasion about the latest Genshin Impact Mod Apk Unlock All Characters. May be useful.