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Free Fire Ranking Order & Quick Tips for Raising Grandmaster 2022

Free Fire Ranking Order – The Free Fire game or commonly abbreviated as FF is one of the most popular multiplayer battle royale games in Indonesia. Free Fire is very fun to play with good friends, classic until ranked. This game can be played on both iOS and Android.

Having a high sense of competitiveness is one of the things that must be maintained in the Free Fire rank order system. The reason is, Free Fire ranks players, so you have to have good skills in fighting to get the highest rank and get points.

However, it should also be noted that higher rankings will have greater competition than before. Each rank is determined from the Ranking Point with the provisions of each point. Free Fire has 7 ranks, starting from the Bronze rank to the highest rank, namely Grandmaster.

Every time you climb 1 rank, the competition for each rank will certainly be different and you will face tougher enemies. For those of you who just want to try the Free Fire game, check out this article to find out the order in which the Free Fire game ranks. Please note in advance that the rank system can be played when the account reaches level 5.

Free Fire Ranking Order

Here, Ulingame has compiled a complete summary of the Free Fire rank order along with quick tips to increase the rank below.

Bronze Rank Order


This rank is the first order in the Free Fire game, of course it is in the lower position. Patented, players just starting out were at Bronze rank.

Now you need to know too, at this Bronze rank there are 3 different rankings. The Free Fire ranks are Bronze I, Bronze II, and Bronze III. In each of these ranks will give you interesting rewards.

RankRank Points
Bronze 11000
Bronze 21050
Bronze 31150

Silver Rank Order

Silver Free Fire Rank Order

You will get this Silver rank if you meet the requirements to rank up. In this Silver rank, usually you will find other players who have higher abilities.

the requirement to be in the Silver rank itself is that you have to pass 3 stages that have a minimum score of 1,301 to 1,600.

RankRank Points
silver 11250
Silver 21350
Silver 31450

Gold Rank Order


Furthermore, levels above Silver have a Gold rank that you can aim for. Of course there is a difference from the previous level.

At Gold rank there will be several bots that will bring you together with real players with great and competitive abilities.

RankRank Points
Gold 11550
Gold 21663
Gold 31788

Platinum Rank Order

Platinum Free Fire Rank Order

Platinum rank, is a level that will make the game even more difficult and challenging because you will be met with experienced players and cool skills in battle.

RankRank Points
Platinum 12038
Platinum 22163
Platinum 32288
Platinum 42413

Diamond Rank Order


Next is Diamond rank. At Diamond rank you will feel more difficulty compared to Platinum rank. It is undeniable that many players are stuck at this rank and have difficulty rising.

It is known that one of the factors is the more skilled the opponent and the more qualified the opponent’s skill. Scores must be achieved to advance to the next rank, which is between 2,600 to 3,200.

RankRank Points
Diamonds 12538
Diamonds 22675
Diamonds 32825
Diamonds 42975

Master Rank Order

Master 1 Free Fire Rank Order

If you have managed to escape the Diamond rank, you will find this Heroic / Master rank. At this rank you can already be called a pro player and usually many eSport athletes are still new.

To climb to a higher level, complete this master rank challenge by collecting a minimum score of 3,201. You will get 5,000 gold and some items if you can pass this rank.

Grandmaster Rank Order

Grandmaster 1

Now the most awaited, Grandmaster is the highest rank in the Free Fire game. Of course, because you are at the top, don’t be surprised if you meet the best players from a country or professional eSports athletes.

If you manage to get to this rank, you can get rewards in the form of avatars and animated Grandmaster banners.

RankRank Points
GrandmasterTOP 300 Of the Region

Quick Tips to Increase Free Fire Rank

Tips for Raising the Rank of Free Fire's Rank Order

This time Ulingame has summarized some tips to quickly increase the rank of Free Fire and reach the highest rank below.

Play Solo/Duo Squad

This first method is proven to be effective enough to help rank up quickly in Fre Fire. By playing like this, you can protect each other in team members.

Play Routine & Play Schedule

Set your free schedule that is suitable for playing. Even though you only play for less than 1 hour, but if you do it consistently, it can certainly help quickly to increase rank. This method is more effective than a full day of playing, but only once a few days.

Choosing the Right Weapon

Many weapons are available in this Free Fire game, ranging from melee weapons to long-range weapons. Understand how to use the weapon and learn when to shoot without wasting ammo. You only need to master 1 or 2 weapons and master these weapons in earnest.

The final word

That’s information about the Free Fire Rank Sequence from Ulingame along with quick tips to increase rank. Hopefully, the above summary can help beginners know the rank order correctly and share tips so that they can achieve their desired rank in Free Fire.