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First Moco Store FF in May 2022, Get These Cool Items!

First Moco Store FF in May 2022, Get These Cool Items!

Moco Store has become one of the most highlighted events since entering the beginning of 2022. This event comes in a row with attractive prizes.

Not only suddenly appearing regularly, players also have the opportunity to get items such as SKywing, bundles, emotes and a series of other cool skin items by doing fairly cheap spins.

When compared to other spins, where you don’t have a certainty when you can get the prize, Moco Store is indeed the best because it promises players to get a bonus and main prize at the same time on the 6th spin.

Well, for those of you who are interested in the next Moco Store FF for May 2022, here is the leaked information!

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First Moco Store FF May 2022

According to a leak from YouTube Kulgar, the two important prizes in this month’s Moco Store are an emote and a Sports Car skin.

Emote Rock Paper Scissors, which has movements such as dancing to make rock, scissors, and paper suits, you can make as the main gift.

While the Sports Car Booyah Day skin last year will be present as a bonus gift along with other cool skins such as The Dark Knight backpack.

First Moco Store FF May 2022
Source: X1 Gaming

All of the cool items above will be present at the Moco Store event which will be re-released in the next 1 or 2 days, 9/10 May 2022 to be exact.

Like other spin events, you will need Diamonds to spin in the event. Before the spin, players can choose 1 item each that you want to make the main prize and the second prize.

To make the first spin, players need 9 Diamonds, and subsequent spins will require more Diamonds.

If lucky, Spinners can get Sports Car emotes and skins on the first spin. But if not, you can do 6 spins to guarantee the main prize.

In addition to the two skins, you can also get various other spin prizes such as bundles, backpacks, to vouchers.

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That’s the latest Moco Store FF event where players can get cool Sports Car emotes and skins as prizes! Don’t forget to visit SPIN Website for more information, and follow the account Instagram and Youtube we.