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Finn Surfing Master Free Fire (FF) New Pet Leaks

Free Fire has released a lot of good updates which of course you should try now in large numbers. Because the Finn Surfing Master Free Fire (FF) New Pet Leak is indeed a new option, because we immediately try and use it. As one of the upcoming updates, so it seems that this will give a very good impression.

Moreover, following the development of the Free Fire game, there are already many, we just have to wait for many changes from the upcoming update. Because for now there is still a lot of fun that is no less exciting than the old events that have appeared.

Then with the emergence of the FFWS 2022 Free Fire Event Schedule, this will definitely be a good opportunity for all of you. Just start the game and finish it so you can continue to get even more exciting wins.

Even for the Finn Surfing Master Free Fire (FF) New Pet Leak, it is indeed an interesting opportunity for you to see. Then with a few opportunities to understand the Pet with the power that we will use in the match later.

Finn Surfing Master Free Fire (FF) New Pet Leaks

Finn Surfing Master Free Fire (FF) New Pet Leaks

The presence of a New Pet Leak of Finn Surfing Master Free Fire, of course something very cool with its appearance. So Finn himself is a Blue Shark who is one of the most ferocious predators in the ocean, his teeth are able to tear all the opponent’s flesh.

But when it appears in this Free Fire game, of course it has different abilities and is quite friendly. Because as a new pet in this game, it turns out that Finn himself is the best surfer and is very reliable when it comes to the ocean.

Unlike Pet Zasil Free Fire, it is an ornamental fish that uses tires to swim. This means that it can be likened to Finn as the Master of Zasil, so that he can teach swimming and maybe become stronger while in the middle of the sea.

For now Finn is also included from the Free Fire Shark Pet Leak, as a cool and very stylish appearance. That smile with sharp teeth is able to make opponents afraid to approach, even though Finn himself will not be so fierce to them.

Finn Surfing Master Free Fire (FF) New Pet Leaks

The following are some of the Skills of the Finn Surfing Master’s New Pet:

  • Increases Movement Speed ​​and Maximum Defense To One Team.

Ok then we take a quick look at the maximum ability of this defense and movement speed, so it’s like support for the team only. But we don’t know whether the Solo Effect can also be done or not, we can only try it on the May 2022 Advance Server which has appeared.

So if the movement speed is definitely your movement while playing, but for the section called Maximal Defense, it’s like Vest and Helm. For example, you have a Helmet and Vest with a capacity of 100 HP, later it will rise higher than before.

Of course, the presence of this Pet will provide a very good Squad game. It’s definitely going to be more exciting, because we’ll be excited again to play Squad with teammates.

Then with the Finn Surfing Master Free Fire (FF) New Pet Leak, you’re definitely interested in all of that and might want to try it. Of course, each pet will have various abilities, just like this new one.

Then with the presence of the Best Pet in Free Fire, it will definitely feel different from before. So that you will also be more excited to start this game now, so that later you will not miss the opportunity to use the pet too.