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Failed in MPL ID Season 9, Zeys Targets M4 for EVOS!

Failed in MPL ID Season 9, Zeys Targets M4 for EVOS!

The bitter pill was obtained by EVOS Legends in this 9th season after failing to become a champion and not even getting a ticket to MSC 2022.

You could even say that the last three seasons have been the worst season for EVOS. After winning the 7th season, EVOS had to settle for finishing in 3rd place in the 8th season after being defeated by ONIC Esports in the lower bracket final match.

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And this season they had to settle for 4th place after falling in the lower bracket semifinals against AURA Fire.

Of course, an evaluation will be carried out by the EVOS team in the coming season where there will be M4 waiting for them if they make it through to the final in MPL ID Season 10. Zeys also stated the target for M4 during their defeat this season, which can be seen in the latest EVOS youtube video, namely LEGENDS NEVER DIE | DOCUSERIES PLAYOFFS MPL ID S9 | EVOS LEGENDS

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Zeys Targets M4 For EVOS Next Season

In one session after they failed to advance to the next round Zeys stated their target to reach M4 as follows.

“Indeed we lost, lack of hockey (this season), winning or losing can happen at any time, indeed we are not ready (this season) but don’t forget our goal is M4, this season there is still progress for us,” said Zeys.

Zeys stated that for the season they lost and lacked hockey, Zeys said maybe indeed for this season we are not ready. But don’t be discouraged because our goal is M4, even though it failed but this season is progress for us.

Quite a big change occurred in terms of the roster that looks more and more varied. The inclusion of new names such as Cr1te and Dreams is certainly a new color for the EVOS strategy. And it seems that the ups and downs often occur in the EVOS line-up this season. Only Ferxiic has no irreplaceable reserves this season as a jungler.

During this season Ferxiic also returned fiercely with several good performances and gave EVOS Legends a win and almost won the MVP Regular Season award if he managed to win and get MVP in El Clasico volume 2.

Apart from Ferxiic, all EVOS players took turns including Antimage who was replaced by Wyvorz several times.

Will EVOS be able to realize its target next season, namely advancing to the M4? We’ll just have to wait, Spinners.

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