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EVOS Rekt Gives Opinion About The Philippines' Strongest Team!

EVOS Rekt Gives Opinion About The Philippines’ Strongest Team!

Ahead of the 2022 Sea Games and 2022 MSC, of ​​course, Indonesia will often meet Mobile Legends teams from other countries. Especially the tough rival of the Indonesian team, namely the Philippines team.

In several Mobile Legends events outside Indonesia, the Indonesian team often failed to win after being defeated by representatives of the Philippines.

Of course we admit that the Philippines team is indeed a tough rival and has been making it difficult for some time recently. Starting from M2, MSC 2022 and last M3, the Philippines team won all of them.

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Most Powerful Philippines Team According to EVOS Rekt

Talking about it in Oura’s latest video, Rekt revealed one of the strongest teams according to him in the Philippines region.

“In the most powerful scrim RSG PH, only if the Indonesian national team should still be stronger. If it’s against the Blacklist, yes (Indonesia is stronger), it’s only 50-50 if the opponent is RSG, right, the Blacklist broke (at the Sea Games) only three Wise, OhMyV33nus and Hadji, they’re not a full team, “said Rekt.

Through the scrim results, Rekt acknowledged that the RSG PH team was going strong. However, speaking of the national team, according to him, the Indonesian team is stronger because the Blacklist is not a full team, only fielding three names, namely Wise, OhMyV33nus and Hadji. And indeed it was very visible with the failure of the Blacklist in MPL PH after losing two names, namely Wise and OhMyV33nus.

Looking forward to seeing what the results of the Sea Games and MSC will be, the Indonesian team will meet Blacklist International at the Sea Games, and RSG PH and Omega at MSC 2022. Hopefully, in both of these events, Indonesia can win.

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