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Events that Mobile Legends (ML) Players Don't Like

Did you know that there is one event in Mobile Legends (ML) that players generally don’t like for some reason, what event is it?

There are more than dozens of cool and interesting events that Moonton brings to the Mobile Legends game. Where these events are present alternately.

Now, of the many events that Moonton brings to the game, there are some events that players don’t like.

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One of them is the event that we will discuss this time, where the event is really not liked by players for some reason.

All Hero Events Free

Yep, the event is an event for all free heroes, from the name alone you can know what makes players dislike this event.

This event allows players to use all the heroes in Mobile Legends for free within a certain time, which has the effect of making classic mode filled with players who are experimenting with heroes.

It doesn’t hurt to try heroes, but it’s a good idea when you’re just trying a hero, you guys try it first in vs ai.

You first pay attention to the skills, gameplay, skill descriptions and so on in vs ai mode, then after that you launch them in classic and ranked.

mobile legends free hero skins
photo via mlbb

It is highly recommended not to try the hero directly in classic mode because it is very annoying for players who want to increase their wr or launch the gameplay of their hero.

That’s an event that Mobile Legends players don’t like because many players try direct heroes in classic mode instead of trying it on vs ai first.

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