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Emblem of the Sick Mage Pro Player 2022

Sick Mage Emblem – Until recently, the Mobile Legends game was still included in the list of the most popular games in the world, especially Southeast Asia, namely the State of Indonesia. This Mobile Legends game uses a 5 vs 5 battle theme which has presented cool gameplay.

When playing Mobile Legends, you can choose any role you like. If you like the Midliner role, it’s certainly not far from the word Mage hero. In addition to item selection and ML Battle Spell. You need to set the composition of the sick Mage Emblem first so you can easily win.

There are 9 types of Emblems in Mobile Legends, if the readers are new players in the Mobile Legends game, they must raise the level of the Sick Mage Emblem first. Because Emblems are very important and can also be decisive for victory.

Each Emblem has a function effect that is very helpful and good for each hero role. One of them, for lovers of the Mage role hero, you need to set the Emblem arrangement correctly. Now for players who are still confused about how to set the Mage emblem to hurt, please refer to the article that Ulingame will provide below.

What is Mage Emblem

What is Emblem

Emblem is a feature in the Mobile Legends game. Each Emblem represents various types of roles and play styles in the ML game. The emblem itself has 6 types and levels 1 to 60 max.

In order to increase or maximize the Mage Emblem level to 60, players need Mage Emblem Fragment and Magic Dust. Then to open the Mage type Emblem, you need Magic Dust or Diamond.

Then how to get Magic Dust items? Players can get these items through events that have Moonton available or lucky spins, magic wheels and chests.

Sick Mage Emblem

Sick Mage Emblem 1

Mage Emblems are more specific than ordinary Magical Emblems, because they can add Magical Penetrion, Magic Power, CD, Magical Lifesteal and Movement Speed.

There are various emblems of the sickest mage set, including Flow, Mastery, Agility, Observation, Catastrophe and Contract. Then for the 3 main talents, namely the Mystery Shop, Magic Worship and Impure Rage.

1. In tier 2 players must have quite heavy choices, where Observation along with Catastrophe be the best choice in this tier 2. Observation has become a good and painful choice where the penetration has higher points than Magic Power.

2. But this does not make Catastrophe a bad choice for you to use. You need to know, Cata talent gives % magic power. This talent is good to use with tier 1, namely Flow where the player’s magic power will increase and the result can give the most damage.

3. For the third election, Contract is not so strong compared to other tiers. With Spell Vamp, it’s not so flashy for mage burst heroes and DPS requires other talents.

Mandatory Build for All Role Mage

Hurt Build

After knowing the sick mage Emblem, the next step you need to know is the mandatory build for the sick mage hero. This time Ulingame will provide a build recommendation or the sickest item for one of the hero role mages Kagura below.

1. Arcane Boots

To increase speed when moving, Kagura requires Arcane Boots as a Movement Speed ​​build. This item has an additional attribute of +12 Magic Penetration and +40 Movement Speed.

2. Clock Of Destiny

Almost all hero mages need this item, because this build has many advantages and additional attributes in the form of 615+ Health Points, +60 Magic Power and +600 Mana.

In addition, this item also provides an additional passive 25 HP and 4 Magic power every 20 seconds when it reaches the 12x stack.

3. Lightning Truncheon

After successfully purchasing this Clock Of Destiny item, the next build you need to buy is Lightning Trunceon. If you use this item you can get +75 Magic Power, +300 Mana and +10% Cooldown Reduction and interestingly again his unique skill that can increase 20 to 1000 Magic Damage every 6 seconds.

4. Holy Crystal

The next item that hurts is having a passive that can add around 21 to 35% damage. Another option to add +100 Magic Power, this will certainly make the Hero Mage even more sick.

5. Genius Wand

The next passive item can reduce the enemy’s magic defense by 3 to 10 can get additions such as +75 Magic Power, +5% Movement Speed ​​and + 15 Magical Penetrion.

6. Winter Truncheon

The last build can be said for late game items because it can produce passive on this item making the Kagura hero you use freeze or can’t be hit by any skills from the opponent’s attack because it becomes an ice statue. If you are not suitable for using this item, it can be replaced with Immortal so that it can come back to life.

The final word

That’s the discussion about the Sick Mage Emblem as well as an explanation and the sickest Build for all Ulingame Mage heroes. Thank you for reading the information that Ulingame has conveyed, hopefully it can help new Mobile Legends players to get their sick Emblem to autowin.