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Elizabeth Olsen: Scarlet Witch Should Have Killed More

Elizabeth Olsen bluntly said that Scarlet Witch should have killed more people in Doctor Strange 2. Hmm, maybe she’s not satisfied with killing superheroes in the film, guys, hehe.

The presence of Scarlet Witch aka Wanda Maximoff in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness does provide its own color. How not, because all netizens’ views were diverted because of the very cruel character of the Scarlet Witch.

He was so cruel, he was desperate to attack and kill other characters who tried to hinder his steps to kidnap America Chavez. However, that wasn’t enough for him.

Actually, Elizabeth Olsen Wants Scarlet Witch to Kill More

Initially, Olsen explained how he evolved into a Scarlet Witch who was previously Wanda Maximoff. As is known, the Scarlet Witch suddenly turned into a very cruel figure, because she was desperate to open the cursed Darkhold book.

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“I think, for any parent — I’d assume, since I’m not one of them — that losing a child will always be a lot harder than losing someone else important in your life.” said Elizabeth Olsen, quoted from Variety.

Elizabeth Olsen Scarlet Witch
Photo: Marvel

“I just want to make sure it’s a constant evolution forward and doesn’t repeat itself. So it’s just a little adjustment. I can’t make big changes because sets are being built and stuff like that. And a schedule is being made, albeit changing. But, yeah, I’m trying to figure out a way so we don’t repeat ourselves? How do we make an evolution? How do we make this different but still be a part of the women we know?” he continued.

It was only in the end that he was honest that Scarlet Witch should have killed more in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. From his words, Olsen seemed dissatisfied with his actions which had actually killed many people, including the Illuminati.

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“I should have killed more. I had a hard time with that. I was like, this is a human and Wanda is okay with ending their life? But I just had to work hard and think all these people were getting in his way and he warned Doctor Strange not to get in his way. And he did, he didn’t listen,” Olsen explained.