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Easy! Here's How To Get The Latest Epic Skin For Free From Mobile Legends

Very Easy! Here’s How To Get The Latest Epic Skin For Free From Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends is finally back to share lots of epic skins for free to loyal fans of the game made by Moonton.

The stake is, after giving a series of prizes through event 515, they will now share other prizes easily.

Hundreds of more epic skins, of course, have been waiting for you to get them for free without spending a lot of money.

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Only Buy PRETZ

To be able to get epic skins for free from Mobile Legends, interestingly you only need to buy PRETZ at the nearest Alfamidi or Alfamart.

Later there will be epic skins as well as tens of thousands of other prizes that will await you after successfully purchasing the snack.

So, here’s an easy way for you to get epic skins by just buying PRETZ.

  1. Buy Pretz at the nearest Alfamart/Alfamidi
  2. Then find the unique code that is on the tail of the receipt
  3. Enter the unique code on the website
  4. Get the prize

The promo period will of course last until June 30, 2022, so of course there is still ample opportunity for those of you who want epic skins easily.

Seeing how easy it is, of course there is no reason for you not to try it right away, Spinners!

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