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Cross Fire Sea Games 2022 Drawing Results and Brief Player Profiles!

Cross Fire Sea Games 2022 Drawing Results and Brief Player Profiles!

Cross Fire is one of the new esports events that is officially being competed at the 2022 Sea Games this time.

In addition to being new to the Sea Games, Indonesia is also one of the countries that sent representatives to this event.

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Cross Fire itself will compete around May 21-22 2022, for the complete schedule, you can directly check here. Here’s the Complete Schedule of Esports Matches at the 2022 Sea Games!

Cross Fire Drawing Results

Of course you are curious about the results of the drawing of this esports sport. Here is the result of the drawing.

Crossfire Sea Games
source: ig @nxlfrgdibtj

You can see these results through Richard Permana’s Instagram @nxlfrgdibtj who is the Head Coach of the Indonesian Esports National Team. You can watch various news about the 2022 Sea Games, especially Esports.

Well, for those who don’t know about this sport, here SPIN Esports will also provide a little information about the players who are members of the Cross Fire Indonesia team.

  • Yudi Kurniawan (KK)
  • Samuel Santosa
  • Ridho Putra Muharram
  • Jason Adrian
  • Gian Kurniadi
  • Evan Jordan
  • Derry Alviano

Those are the seven Cross Fire national team players who will compete at the Sea Games in Hanoi, Vietnam. And according to the drawing results, they will immediately meet the Philippines team in the upper bracket round where if they lose they have to go down to the lower bracket (similar to the Mobile Legends bracket).

Support the Cross Fire national team so that they can achieve the best results and bring a gold medal for Indonesia.

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