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Complete Rank List in Mobile Legends 2022

What is Rank Mobile Legends – Players who like to play Mobile Legends certainly know that Mobile Legends has a rank level that applies players based on their flying hours.

In the Mobile Legends game, there are eight ranks that players must live. Of course, each level has different difficulties. As a Mobile Legends player, not only skills must be prepared, but mental and health must also be prepared. Because, when playing rank, of course the players can be drained of emotion when playing Mobile Legends.

But there are novice players who don’t understand what rank is in Mobile Legends / As a Mobile Legends player, of course, you must know an explanation of what rank is.

In this article, Ulingame will explain what Mobile Legends rank is from the softest to the hardest.

What is Rank Mobile Legends

What is Rank Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends is included in the list of the most popular games in the world, until now Mobile Legends has recorded a number of users reaching thousands of millions of users. The number of users playing Mobile Legends certainly cannot be separated from the excitement of Mobile Legends itself.

Previously, Ulingame had discussed that in the Mobile Legends game there was the term Rank. Then what is Ranked and its function in the Mobile Legends game? Don’t worry, below, Ulingame has prepared a complete explanation.

For players who don’t know what Rank is, Rank is one of the game modes in Mobile Legends. In Mobile Legends there are 8 types of tier Rank, each tier has a different level of difficulty.

There are also terms and conditions for increasing Rank, ranging from level achievements to deadly game strategies. In essence, the higher your rank can be a reference for the ability of the game.

Mobile Legends Rank Order

After knowing what rank is in the Mobile Legends game, then an explanation about the available Rank tier order. Here are 8 tiers in Mobile Legends below.

1. Warrior


What are Warriors? Warrior is the first tier you get in Ranked mode. In order to access Ranked matches, the minimum account used must be level 8 and have 5 heroes.

Warrior rank has 3 levels, Warrior III, Warrior II and Warrior I, you have to collect 15 stars to move up to the next tier. When in warrior rank you will not lose stars when you accept defeat.

Prizes that can be obtained at the end of the season for rank warriors are 1x Fragment Skin Premium, 1,000 BP and 100 Tickets.

2. Elite


After success RANK MOBILE LEGENDS from the Warrior tier, you will play in the Elite tier. Just like before, you will get 3 levels from Elite III to Elite I.

The difference is that you have to collect 4 stars in order to get to the next rank. start at the elite rank if you lose the star will decrease. After changing the elite rank season, you will get 3x Premium Skin Fragments, 2,000 BP and 200 Tickets.

3. Master


Furthermore, in Rank Master, you might find it difficult to get stars because the average match will be followed by real players, not bots like in Warrior and Elite.

Rank Master itself has 4 levels, namely Master IV to Master I with 4 stars each in each tier. For those who successfully reach the Master Rank, you will get a Season Exclusive Skin, 4,000 BP and 300 Tickets.

4. Grandmaster


It is guaranteed that it will be even more difficult at Grandmaster, you will get 5 stars from Grandmaster V to Grandmaster I. In order to advance to the next tier, there are 5 stars or victory that you must first achieve.

Because it started to feel difficult to move up the ranks, many players also chose the path JOKI SERVICES to make it easier and faster to reach the desired rank. The prizes that will be obtained from the Grandmaster rank are quite interesting, namely Season Exclusive Skins and 600 Tickets.

5. Epic

Tier Epic What is Rank Mobile Legends

Starting at the Epic tier, you will start with a Draft Pick system where the choice of each hero map will be set before starting the match. By doing this system, each team will not have the same hero and four heroes will be banned during matches at Epic rank.

Epic Rank consists of 5 levels, namely Epic V to Epic I with 5 stars per tier. At the turn of the season, players will get a Season Exclusive Skin, 12,000BP and 1,000 Tickets.

6. Legend

Legend What is Rank Mobile Legends

What are Legend Ranks? Rank Legends is a tier containing semi-pro players. Players will meet squads with a fairly good team, so they need the best strategy in order to win matches at Rank Legend.

There are 5 levels that players must pass in Rank Epic, those levels consist of Legend V – Legend I. In addition, 5 stars each level. At the change of season players will get Season Exclusive Skin, 20,000 BP and 1,500 Tickets.

7. Mythic

Mythic What is Rank Mobile Legends

What are Mythic Ranks? Mythic is one of the most difficult ranks in the Mobile Legends game. Unlike the previous rank, season 14, the Mythic rank underwent a scheme change so that it was divided into 5 levels. Ditier Mythic players must pass, namely Mythic V to Mythic I.

The Mythic system does not use stars, but points will increase or decrease depending on when playing. When you first reach Mythic rank, you will face a Placement Match consisting of 10 matches which can be calculated according to your victory.

At the end of the season in Rank Mythic Mobile Legends, players can get Season Exclusive Skin, Mythic Expression, 20,000 Bp & 1,500 Ticket.

8. Mythical Glory

Mythical Glory What is Rank Mobile Legends

The last rank is Mythical Glory, you can raise it to that rank by collecting 600 Mythic points. If you manage to collect 600 points, it’s possible to enter the Rank to the leaderboard. Become one of the highest ranked in the Mobile Legends game.

The final word

That’s an explanation of what Rank Mobile Legends is that you should know from Warrior to Ranked Mythical Glory with the new settings for season 19. Hopefully it can be useful and don’t forget to follow Ulingame because there will be some latest information about online games.