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Build Natan Sick 2022 that must be used in Mobile Legends

Illustration of Mobile Legends game. Photo: Muhammad Fikrie/coil
Build Natan Sick 2022 can be an alternative for players who are tired of the same hero. Nathan is a hero Mobile Legends a type of marksman that is unique and strong if made with the right build.

Had a meta at the beginning of the release, but is now experiencing a nerf by the Mobile Legends. As a result, this hero is not as strong as it used to be. Don’t worry, you can still play it with Natan’s Mobile Legends build below.

Build Natan Sick 2022

Illustration of Mobile Legends game. Photo: Muhammad Fikrie/coil

For those of you who want to be good at playing this one hero, this time you can follow the recommendation of one of the pro players in Mobile Legends, namely RRQ Xinnn.

  • Blade of Despair/Malefic Roar

Use Battle Spell Retribution because it will help you play as Hyper Carry. For the best Natan build items ala Xinnn, start the build with Arcane Boots to maximize Magical Damage.

Then continue with Hunter Strike, Endless Battle, and Genius Wand. This arrangement of items will give Nathan solid stats, the main idea is to get as much damage, cooldown reduction, and movement speed as possible.

1. Setting the Nathan Gold Lane Emblem and More

The choice of Agility is intended to increase Nathan’s mobility because this hero does not have the ability to dash or blink. The addition of movement speed will really help you find a safe position during team-fights.

After that, Observation will make Natan’s damage more painful at the beginning of the game. And finally, the Mystery Shop allows you to make items faster than your opponent’s core.

For those of you who are still confused, how do you play this one hero so that you are good at it? the following is an explanation that you can do.

2. How to play Nathan in Mobile Legends

Mobile legends hero, Argus. Photo: Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

First, prioritize Purple Buff because Natan is very dependent on skills to farm at the beginning of the game. After that, get a lithowanderer so that regeneration is maintained during farming.

As soon as you reach level four, take advantage of the Ultimate skill to help friends who are struggling on the lane. If you manage to get a kill, it will be very helpful in getting the next target, namely Turtle.

When doing Team-team-fight, always make sure you are at a safe distance from the reach of the opponent’s disablers and assassins. If the opponent already approached you, Skill two “Interference!” is the only way out because it can push the opponent and keep him away from you.

The first skill “Superposition” is your main damage skill. Superposition is an AoE skill, so try to hit as many enemies as possible during a team fight. Also don’t hesitate to use Ultimate because this build item makes the skill have a fairly low cooldown.

That’s a complete explanation of the build, emblem, to how to play Nathan’s hero. Good luck!