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Best PUBG 4 Finger Pro Player & Youtuber Layout Code

PUBG 4 Finger Layout Code – PUBG Mobile is one of the online games that is still being played by many people, with its uniqueness making the PUBG Mobile game very popular with up to 500 million users on the Playstore.

One of the important factors as a determinant of victory when playing PUBG Mobile is the layout or button layout used by the players when playing PUBG. The convenient button layout will make it easy for players to shoot at opponents or control vehicles.

The higher your rank or tier, the higher the demands for you to improve your skills and AIM in playing PUBGM. Of course, this is not instant, because it takes time for serious practice. One of the things that players can do in order to improve skills and aim quickly is to use 4 FINGER SETTINGS.

Luckily, PUBG has made a feature to share Layout settings so that others can imitate them. For players who are lazy to set up or don’t know what the best settings are. Now on this occasion Ulingame will share some of the best Layout codes for pro players and 4-finger youtubers that you can use below.

What is Layout Code

What is Layout Code

In the online game PUBG Mobile Layout itself is a button layout that players can use when playing PUBG Mobile, the location of the Layout button can be adjusted to the wishes and comfort of the players themselves, but there are still many PUBG players who are still confused about determining the Layout button.

Even though players actually have to arrange the layout of the Layout buttons themselves according to their own wishes and comfort as PUBGM players, but not a few also follow the layouts of pro players or streamers and study them diligently in order to become familiar with the layouts.

By using the Layout button arrangement belonging to a pro player or streamer who is good at playing PUBGM, players only need to learn the finger movements of the pro player by watching the video via Youtube, so players will easily get used to using the button Layout button that players follow.

For those of you who are confused when determining the Layout button, you can use the code shared by PUBG pro players, the code is often called the Layout code.

Now on this occasion Ulingame provides some of your favorite PUBG Mobile pro player and streamer layouts below.

PUBG 4 Finger Layout Code

Layout Code

Now for players who want to play PUBG using 4 fingers, the first thing that players have to do is first set the layout or button layout, for players still confused about determining the button layout, you can use some of the following PUBG Mobile 4 finger layout codes.

4 Finger Player Name4 Finger Layout Code
Supernayr 6916-3071-9590-9380-374
BTR Zuxxy6893-3663-7340-6737-453
BTR Alice6893-3862-4343-9594-755
BTR Ryzen6893-3648-4261-5800-061
Evos Microboy6893-3866-9084-8099-530
BTR Uhigh6982-3878-1462-1531-735
BTR Luxxy 6893-3879-7170-2557-478

How to Use 4 Finger Layout Code

After you have selected some of the 4 finger Layouts above and want to try using the PUBG Mobile Layout, now you can follow several ways to use the following PUBG 4 finger Layout code.

  1. The first step is to open and run the PUBG Mobile game application.
    Open Pubg Mobile 1
  2. After successfully entering the lobby, just press the arrow menu at the bottom right of the screen.
    Select Arrow
  3. Then select Arrangement.
    Select Settings 1
  4. In the following screen, press menu Control then click Customize.
    Select Settings Control
  5. Next, select Layout, then Search Method.
    Enter Search Method
  6. Next, you are asked to enter the 4 finger Layout code that you have prepared and then click Search.
    Enter Code
  7. If you have entered the code, the location of the button will change and you have to practice getting used to the Layout button.

The final word

So much discussion about the PUBG 4 finger Layout code from Ulingame as well as an explanation of what Layout Code is and how to use it. Hopefully the above information can help PUBG Mobile gamers who are experiencing confusion wanting to create a PUBG button layout without the hassle of setting themselves.