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Best Beryl M762 PUBG Attachment No Recoil 2022

Beryl M762 PUBG Attachment – For players who like to use the Beryl M762 weapon, they must add attachments in order to maximize in close combat such as bullet speed, recoil stability, reload speed and others so that the weapon can increase further.

Beryl M762 is the best Assault Rifle type weapon or assault rifle and is a favorite category to use during close combat in PUBG Mobile because it has a large amount of damage it will produce.

In addition to having great damage, the Beryl M762 weapon is very effective to use because it can use 3 firing methods, namely Single Fire, 3 Shot Burst and Full Auto. When using the Beryl M762 weapon the player must equip it by adding ATTACHMENT best in PUBG Mobile.

Then what attachments need to be added to support the Beryl M762 weapon? Now for those of you who are curious, just take a look at the full review below and some tips for using Beryl weapons in PUBG Mobile below.

Beryl M762 PUBG Mobile Stats

Beryl M762 Stats

The Beryl M762 assault weapon has almost the same damage output as the AKM. One can deal 45 HP average damage to opponents during PUBG Mobile battles. And added with the fire rate and stability is much more effective than AKM. Here are the statistics for the Beryl M762 PUBG assault rifle below.

Rate of Fire66
TypeAssault Rifle
AttachmentsMuzzle, Sign, Magazine, Foregrip

Beryl M762 PUBG Attachment

As a fan of the Beryl M762 weapon when playing the PUBG Mobile game, players must equip Beryl with an attachment that must be filled in. Below, Ulingame has summarized a review of the best attachments to complement Beryl.

1. Red Dot Sight

Red Dot Sight

The first supporting item that you need to fill in is the Red Dot Sight scope when using the M762 assault rifle. By adding this component the player can maximize Beryl better during close combat.

2. Compensator

Compensator 3 Attachment Beryl M762 PUBG

One of the weaknesses of the Beryl M762 weapon is the very large Recoil. For novice players, using this Beryl M762 can make recoil difficult to control.

Therefore, Ulingame recommends that you must add a Compensator to help reduce recoil from the M762 and the M762’s ability will be maximized when used.

3. Vertical Foregrip

Vertical Foregrip Attachment Beryl M762 PUBG

The following attachments can also reduce a recoil in order to maximize the M762’s capabilities more effectively. The grip that Ulingame recommends for you is the Vertical Foregrip.

With the combination of this Attachment Vertical Grip, it can control the recoil of the lower Beryl and is easy to use for beginners.

4. Extended Quickdraw AR Magazine

Extended Quickdraw Mag

The next supporting component that has an important role when doing battle is the Extended Quickdraw Magazine as a support item for AR-type weapons, although it is not very influential in maximizing recoil.

However, this item will be very useful for adding bullets and shortening the reload or reloading of the Beryl M762 PUBG Mobile weapon.

Tips for Using Beryl M762

Tips for Using Beryl Attachment Beryl M762 PUBG

After knowing more about the Beryl M762 weapon, starting with the best Stats and Attachments for Beryl, players also need to know some tips when using the following M762 PUBG Mobile.

  1. Adding the Right Attachments.
  2. Use Beryl for Close to Intermediate Combat.
  3. Trains Beryl’s Recoil in Training Mode.
  4. Using the M762 from the start to the end of the game.

The final word

Understanding Ulingame version information regarding the Beryl M762 PUBG Mobile Attachment is one of the tricks to support the PUBG Mobile game. So it would be nice if you really understand the explanation about Attachment.