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Best Angela Mobile Legends Emblem 2022 : 100% Auto Win

Angela Mobile Legends Emblem – Angela is the most popular Mobile Legends hero and is one of the Support role heroes who has pretty sick damage generated from skill 1 that Angela has.

Angela is the most annoying and dangerous Support role when playing a pro. This time, Ulingame will discuss how to set the Angela Mobile Legends Emblem and Build Items and select Battle Spell.

In the current season, Angela is often used in ranked mode to Tournaments. If Angela is in a combo with Burst Damage heroes like Aldous, Paquito and others. Then fight auto surrend. By adding the Angela Mobile Legends Emblem, it can make your skills sicker.

For players who are looking for or want to try being a Support role when playing ML, you can try the arrangement of the Angela Mobile Legends Emblem settings for the Uligame version and the selection of builds and battle spells below.

Angela Mobile Legends

Hero Angela Emblem Angela Mobile Legends

One of the mainstay heroes used in Land of Down at this time is Angela. Angela is a Support role hero with a cute skin appearance and is a first pick subscription in the current season’s rank.

As you already know, Angela’s hero has skills that are very annoying to her enemies and profitable for the team. With skill three or ultimate Angela can provide a shield to a team hero that Angela enters her body.

In addition to being able to produce a shield using her ultimate skill, Angela also has skill one that can produce considerable damage and increase the HP of teammates while being able to issue two skills that are useful for giving a slow effect to the enemy. Surely Angela’s hero is very annoying and the OP Support role is a Baned subscription in the Legend-Mythic Ranked mode.

Angela Support Emblem

Angela Emblem Angela Emblem Mobile Legends

For lovers of Angela’s special support role, Ulingame recommends using Emblem Support for additional mastery of Agility Movement Speed ​​and Healing Effects.

Angela’s first skill is an improved version of Focusing on Mark, a sign that Angela’s hero doesn’t need a lot of farming. When helping a laner, make sure you don’t steal monsters and give them to the Core/Hyper team. If you want to make Angela more painful like a mage in general, use the Custom Mage emblem set according to your comfort when playing.

Build Angela Strongest

After knowing the arrangement of the Angela Support Emblem settings, the next step for Ulingame will be to distribute the build or item selection correctly. If you can’t wait to find out what are the best items to use, Angela is as follows.

Battle Spell

In addition to Emblems and Builds, Battle Spells are suitable for Angela, there are 2 options, namely Flicker and Aegis. For those of you who don’t know the use or function of both spells, please refer to the following description.

Spell Flicker

Angela Mobile Legends Emblem Flicker

Flicker is the main spell if you want to use Angela to play Aggressive. Because Flicker can teleport and players can use to move away or get closer to the opponent. Of course, spells are very useful for avoiding, chasing and others you can do if you use Flicker.

Spell Aegis

Aegis Emblem Angela Mobile Legends

Then for Aegis itself, it can be used when facing enemies who have burst damage, which is quite sick or is in war. With the help of Aegis, you and your teammates will receive an additional shield if you are near Angela.

Aegis is very effective when used by Angela and is useful for protecting herself so that Angela remains sustainable.

Strengths & Weaknesses of Angela ML

You need to know, each hero certainly has different advantages and disadvantages. Like Angela, of course she has many advantages, but it is undeniable that Angela also has many shortcomings. Now for those of you who don’t know the advantages and disadvantages of Angela in Mobile Legends, please refer to the information below.


  1. Has great damage in the early game.
  2. Effective for team fight or war and potential for snowballing.
  3. Ultimate Skill, no need to be near a teammate.
  4. Can spam skills when entering a team hero.
  5. The best support.
  6. Easy to use.
  7. Skill 1 or heal has a fast CD.


  1. Old Ultimate CD.
  2. Weak against Burst Damage heroes.
  3. Damage in late doesn’t hurt.
  4. Low durability.
  5. Easy to ganking.

Tips for Playing Angela

Tips for Playing Angela Emblem Angela Mobile Legends

As a pure support role, there is only one focus in the early or late game, namely protecting and helping Hyper or Core teammates. Angela users don’t need to bother doing push turrets or farming. Just rotate properly and back up Hyper as well as possible.

When entering the late game, this hero can destroy the enemy’s strategy and make the enemy afraid to attack. You can spam skill 1 to annoy your opponent or open a map like in grass bushes.

When you monitor the map and see a team hero who is dying or having trouble in the lane, just use the ultimate to help. Or you can see pro players or streamers on Youtube or other streaming platforms such as REKT players, Vynnn, etc. who are good at playing Angela.

The final word

That’s all the discussion about the best Angela Mobile Legends Emblem in the Ulingame version. Hopefully, the information above can help MOBA game lovers gain more knowledge about choosing emblems, especially Angela’s Support role above.