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Best 4 Finger Sausage Man Control Settings 2022

Setting Control Sausage Man 4 Fingers – Sausage Man, the latest battle royale game that has unique characters and can be played by all groups. This Sausage Man game can be played on smartphones available for Android and iOS.

In fact, the game Sausage Man has a lot of fans to date. With the battle royale genre, Sausage Man is not inferior to other games such as PUBG or Free Fire. Sausage Man presents a unique sausage human character.

Like other battle royale games, setting control in the Sausage Man game is also very important in the game. The function of the control setting itself is so that you feel comfortable in moving and playing agility is getting higher.

Setting control using 4 fingers is very popular today. So, Ulingame will give you a 4 finger control setting in the Sausage Man game for you. Check out the article below.

Setting Control Sausage Man 4 Fingers

Sausage Man game players usually already use 2 finger control settings. Unfortunately, the setting is still difficult if you meet a better opponent. Therefore, Ulingame will share 4 finger Sausage Man control settings. For more details, see how to set the following control.

1. Position of the button to shoot

Shooting Button 1 Setting Control Sausage Man 4 Fingers

In the 4 finger control setting of the sausage game, place the shooting button on the top left of the smartphone screen and the middle right of the screen. You can change it according to your convenience.

2. Position of the scope button (shot)

Scope or 4 Finger Sausage Man Settings Control shot

Place the scope or shot button on the top right of the smartphone screen. Tips, try to reach the scope button easily by your fingers.

3. Peek button position

Peek or Tilting the Body Setting Control Sausage Man 4 Fingers

For peek or tilt mode, place this button not far from the scope so that the player’s response can be faster. Make sure the peek to tilt the left and right of the body are not far apart.

4. Jump button position


Place it to jump on the right next to the scope and peek buttons. You can change it as per your convenience.

5. Proning and squat button position

Prone and Squat Setting Control Sausage Man 4 Fingers

Position the proning and crouch button on the top left next to the shoot button.

How to Play Sausage Man 4 Fingers

After the 4 finger control settings above are applied, Ulingame will provide a few ways to use the 4 finger game sausage control settings that you have set. Here’s the explanation.

1. Left Thumb

Use your left thumb to determine the direction in which you will move.

2. Left Forefinger

Use Left forefinger for shooting, crouch & proning button functions.

3. Right Thumb

You can use the right thumb to shoot, control the direction of the character, aim, & recoil.

4. Right Forefinger

Use the right index finger to function the scope, peek & jump buttons.

5. Powder

You can also sprinkle a little powder so that the movement is more agile and slippery.

To learn to play the 4 finger sausage control game settings it takes a long time. So for you, you have to be diligent in practicing well, whether it’s in training or classic mode.

Maybe the first few weeks players will find it difficult to use these control settings. But after a few months of continuous trying will start to feel comfortable using the 4 finger control setting and get used to it.

The final word

Those are some explanations about how to set the 4 finger control in the Sausage Man game and how to play it. For those of you who have never tried these settings for the Sausage Man game, please try the method from Ulingame above. Hopefully it can be useful and make it easier for you to play the Sausage game.