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Best 2 Finger Sausage Man Control Settings 2022: Pros & Gyro

2 Finger Sausage Man Control Settings – For lovers of fighting games, they will definitely try the Battle Royale genre like Sausage Man. This mobile version of the fighting game is indeed very popular and has presented unique gameplay and battles that have attracted the attention of online game lovers.

Most beginners or old players still feel comfortable playing 2 fingers when playing Sausage Man. But there are further settings so that the playing experience is better and doesn’t die quickly or tosoon.

Every player has different desires. Some are comfortable playing Sausage Man 2 fingers, 3 FINGER as well as 4 FINGER Of course the settings are different for each player.

This time Ulingame will recommend for you how to set the 2-finger Sauasge Man control and the advantages and disadvantages of using 2-finger control. Just take a look at the reviews below.

2 Finger Sausage Control Settings

Having the best control settings in Sausage Man is one of the things that really affects your performance when playing Sausage Man. For players who are worried about the Default settings, Ulingame will provide a way to control Sausage Man 2 Fingers so that they can get the No.1 victory from all party kings.

Shoot Button

Sausage Shooting Button

Make sure the button used to shoot is placed on the right and left of the cellphone screen, don’t forget to enlarge the button so you don’t experience errors.


Scope Sausage Setting Control Sausage Man 2 Finger

Place the scope position close to the shoot button on the right. To make it easier to open scope and shoot.


Tilting Body Sausage

Place the peek button or tilt mode next to the cellphone screen not far from the left or right shoot button according to your convenience. Then, enlarge the button.

Run button

Analog or Run Button Setting Control Sausage Man 2 Finger

Place the button to run on the left of the screen so that the movement is like playing other battle royals to add comfort, agility and comfort.

Advantages of 2 Finger Control

The advantages of Sausage Man

After knowing the 2-finger control setting in the Sausage Man game, of course there will be some advantages that can be obtained from the 2-finger control. The advantages of this arrangement include the following.

  1. Simple & comfortable in the hand.
  2. It’s easier to see the opponent.
  3. There are no fingers blocking the phone screen.
  4. Suitable for new users of Sauage Man.

Disadvantages of 2 Finger Control

Disadvantages of Sausage Setting Control Sausage Man 2 Fingers

Although the 2-finger control setting has many advantages, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its drawbacks. For consideration, Ulingame will explain some of the shortcomings of 2-finger control.

  1. Shooting while crouching or prone tends to take quite a lot of time.
  2. Longer when pressing the button a fraction of a second control.
  3. Not agile.
  4. Hassle when fighting 2 or 4 enemies with 2 fingers.
  5. Ineffective.

Require Player to Use Gyroscope

Gyro Setting Control Sausage Man 2 Finger

By activating the Gyroscope feature, players can aim by pointing your cellphone at the opponent’s goal. To regulate GYRO SENSITIVITY, players can set their own according to your convenience. When playing Sausage Man 2 fingers, button location settings and sensitivity levels are the most important things when playing Battle Royale.

Pro players also use the Gyroscope feature to make it easier to move and control the direction of the shot or shot. If a 2-finger player does not use the Gyroscope feature, it will be more difficult in terms of movement, shooting and others.

Players can also add powder when playing Sausage Man, the goal is to make fingers slippery so it can be easier to slide the screen in front of the opponent and anti-sweat. Just rub a little powder to the tip of your thumb and cellphone screen. Then the game Sausage Man will be more agile.

The final word

That’s the review that Ulingame can share about 2 finger control settings that you can try. You can change the settings above according to the comfort of the player and can feel the No. 1 of all party kings easily. Hopefully it can be useful and add insight for sausage game users.