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9 Ways to Overcome a Broken Cellphone When Playing the Free Fire 2022 Game

How to Overcome a Broken HP When Playing Free Fire Games – Free Fire is an online game by presenting a battle royale that requires a device with high specifications to be able to play Free Fire games smoothly without breaking.

Game is one activity that can be said to be quite heavy compared to other applications, because it requires a lot of resources. This is because when playing games, you are required to use a smartphone to be able to process graphics in real time so that you can display existing content.

Some Free Fire players feel disappointed because the latest update has increased the size of Free Fire and made the game break when played when using a low-spec smartphone (potato).

Several problems arise for players who use potato smartphones after updating the Free Fire game such as lag, breaking, framing while playing and many others. Regarding this problem, Ulingame will share ways to overcome fractures when playing the Free Fire game.

How to Overcome Broken Playing Free Fire Games

In addition to overcoming fractures when playing FF games, of course there are causes and the methods below will make you Free Fire players play smoothly, here’s how to deal with broken fractures below.

1. Network Must be Stable

Network Must be Stable

The first way is to use a stable network, before you play the Free Fire game, make sure the network you are using must be stable and fast.

If it’s still unstable, don’t force yourself to play the Free Fire game instead of just wasting the battery. It’s better to wait for a stable internet network before playing the Free Fire game.

2. Disable Other Apps

Disable Unused Apps

The second solution is to turn off unused applications such as social media and others. How to disable it is very easy, namely open settings then the application and force stop.

Drop Graphics

Every phone or android has its own advantages and limited RAM capabilities. Phones with low specs will be more difficult to play Free Fire so that when playing it breaks, the best way to overcome it is to lower the Free Fire game graphic settings.

  1. In the main menu of Free Fire, tap the settings section located in the upper right corner of the gear icon.
  2. After that, select the Graphich menu.
  3. If the default setting is Ultra or Standardtry to change it to Smooth in order to overcome the fracture when playing the Free Fire game.

4. Clear Cache

Clear Cache

Cache is trash on the phone. To overcome the broken, the player must be diligent in clearing the cache.

Some cellphones usually give notifications when the cache is almost full. if there is a notification, it’s better to immediately clean it.

5. Use Wifi

Use Wifi 1

Free Fire is an online game that requires a smooth internet connection when playing, make sure you use wifi when playing the Free Fire game so you don’t experience connection problems while playing.

6. Restart HP Before Playing FF

Restart Hp

The next solution is before playing Free Fire. Usually, smartphones with long life times run various other applications. This can take up space on the memory and working of the SoC.

By restarting the smartphone, your system will be restarted from the beginning again, it makes overcoming broken breaks when playing Free Fire.

7. Use Game Booster

Use Game Booster

Application game booster which is an application that can be used to see the speed as well as the performance of a smartphone that is used. This application will improve and optimize RAM, CPU and Performance performance while playing games.

8. Play Don’t While Charging

Play Don't While Charging

Smartphones when being played with a battery charge are often done by Free Fire players. Because it may not have finished playing but the battery will run out. Playing while charging will have a bad impact.

When the smartphone is being charged, once or twice it may not be felt. If it is frequently charged while playing, it will have a bad effect on the smartphone battery that is used and will experience fractures while playing. The fix is ​​to charge the smartphone battery first until it is full and when playing it is not in a state of charge.

9. Buy a New HP

Change New Cellphone

If all of the above methods are still broken when playing the Free Fire game, the most effective and efficient step is to buy the latest smartphone. You can buy a smartphone with a more adequate RAM and CPU capacity to make it easier to overcome the 999 ms Free Fire ping.

The final word

So, those are some ways to overcome a broken cellphone when playing the Free Fire game that you can try. When the Free Fire game runs smoothly without any network problems or crashes, the fun and fun will not decrease. Hopefully useful and don’t forget to follow because there will be a lot of updated information on online games.