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9 Ways to Make a Free Fire 2022 Custom Room: Get a Free Room Card

How to Create a Free Fire Custom Room – Free Fire is a game made by Garena which is currently popular in Indonesia. The specifications are quite light and Garena’s role is always consistent in presenting the latest events in Free Fire, which are the keys to Free Fire’s success.

Talking about Free Fire, there are many interesting features in the Free Fire game. One of them is that players can create custom rooms in Free Fire. Custom room is one of the modes that Free Fire players often use because it can bring you together with playing friends.

This time Ulingame will discuss how to create a Free Fire custom room. Custom rooms are similar to small rooms where players can make matches with friends or use them to create tournaments. As the organizer, the committee must know how to make it.

Now for those of you who don’t know how, Ulingame will share a tutorial on how to easily create a custom room on Free Fire as follows.

How to Get FF Card Room

Custom rooms are special rooms made to play with friends of your choice and can be used as tournaments. This is different from the usual room where players play with random foreign players from the server you follow.

To create a custom room Free Fire requires an item called a Custom Room Card. Then how to get card room items? Yes, this time Ulingame will share an easy way to get a room card as follows.

1. Collecting Dog Tags

Dog Tags

The first way you can do is by collecting dog tags. Collect up to 1800 dog tags with friends in the guild to get one single-use room item.

2. Buy With Diamond

Buying Custom Room Items

The second way is to buy a custom room card using diamonds. The price for buying one room card item is 100 diamonds. Players can directly buy it at the Shop then select the Item menu.

3. Follow the Event

Following Events

Garena Free Fire often issues events with attractive prizes, one example of which is the Custom Room Card prize. You can wait for the official Free Fire event with a room card as a prize. Follow all the missions, then claim the prize until the player gets the item room for free.

4. Get Free CR

Free Custom Rooms

The last way is to get a Custom room tag directly from the official Garena. The way to do this is by visiting the Free Fire Community Tournament site.

In order to get it from Garena, you must have a clear goal, for example creating community tournaments, independent tournaments or also online tournaments.

Later you will be asked to fill in the completeness of the data for the tournament to be held such as the date, prizes and others. Later Garena will confirm whether the tournament is feasible or not, if it is feasible you will get a room card for free.

How to Make a Custom Room FF

After successfully getting or buying a custom FF room card, you must create a room so that the item card can be used. For players who don’t know how, please refer to the method below until the end.

1. Login Free Fire

Login Free Fire

The first step you have to do is login to Free Fire. After being in the lobby, players just press Mode Options like you do when you want to play Classic or Rank.

2. Choose Custom

Tap Custom

After pressing Mode Selection, you will get the mode Custom at the bottom then click.

3. Create a Room

Create Room

Furthermore, players must Create a Custom Room by using the item room card. If you don’t have it, you can’t create a custom room.

4. Setting Room

Setting Room 1

Next you will be asked to Settings Room starting from the name of the room, game mode, map, password so that only you and your friends can enter the special room, number of players, spectators.

5. Invite Friends

Invite Friends

After finishing creating a custom room, players can invite friends (friendlist) by pressing the button invite. After the room is full, you can immediately run the fun match by pressing Start.

The final word

That’s a tutorial from on how to create a Free Fire custom room. By opening the custom room, you can play with anyone, including friends playing Free Fire. For those of you who are having problems with banned accounts, try the tutorial HOW TO RESTORE A BANNED FREE FIRE ACCOUNT. May be useful.