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8 Ways to Top Up Cheap Purple Diamond Mango Live

How to Top Up Diamond Mango Live – Mango Live is a streaming platform that has been provided freely. From the Mango Live application you can watch various people around the world. Live broadcasts that have been shown by several people can be a separate entertainment for its users.

The Mango Live application is also often known as a substitute for the Gogolive platform. Gogolive is a streaming application that has many users. In addition, the challenge in the Gogolive application is entertainment shows. Because there are many problems that exist in the Gogolive application at this time it cannot be used. From that, Mango Live emerged.

Besides Gogolive there is also the Mglobal application. Application is almost the same as Mango Live. What distinguishes the Mglobal users. Mango Live users are mostly from Indonesia, so for Mglobal most users are from Thailand.

Users can also give gifts to streamers using diamonds that can be obtained through top ups. You can top up directly from the credit you have. For more details on how to top up the Mango Live diamond, see several ways below.

What is Mango Live

What is Mango Live

Mango Live is the newest and most entertaining live video application today. Mango Live allows its users to share special moments with other people as well as fans around the world. Join Mango Live to start blogging about life, make new friends, get lots of followers and explore the world in one application.

In addition, streamers can also make money by showing their creativity to the world through the Mango Live application. For fun and exclusive videos, you can upload them to your Manggo account.

The audience has loved the live broadcast on Mango Live being able to give various prizes that can be exchanged for real money. The Mango application has several locked features, but in order to open it you have to top up diamonds or it can be opened via a mod application.

How to Top Up Diamond Mango Live

There are various ways to top up diamonds on Mango Live. However, not many users still feel confused and don’t know how to top up Mango Live. Even though Mango Live has collaborated with a marketplace or online store, what you can do to top up Mango Live diamonds is as below.

  1. The first step is to visit the Codashop, Unipin or Itemku Mango Live website or application.
    Go to Codashop Mango Live Website
  2. If you have entered the Codashop application, you just enter the Mango Live ID that is used.
  3. After successfully entering the ID, then you select the nominal Top Up Diamond that you will buy.
  4. For payments, users can choose several payment methods on Codashop.
    Choose Payment
  5. Then the user is asked to fill in an email address so that you get verification or official proof of payment.
  6. After that, please press the Buy button.
  7. Done, you just have to wait a few minutes for the diamond balance to enter.

For payments, you can use Debit Card, Credit, Ovo, Fund, Link Aja, Visa, Doku Wallet, Gopay, Alfamart, Indomaret and many others.

The final word

Those are some ways to top up Mango Live diamonds from Ulingame that you can do through Codashop, Unipin, Itemku and others and to make payments you can do via Credit, Doku Wallet, Gopay, Shopeepay, Ovo, Funds, Credit Cards, Link Aja and etc. Hopefully this article can help new users who want to top up diamonds but are still confused about how to do it. May be useful.